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The storm: A Lesson in Intuition

The storm: A Lesson in Intuition

From the Table is a series of conversational articles which have been birthed from the weeks treatments with Jacquie McIntyre- showcasing some interesting concepts and issues that people face in their journey to body and mind health and deep happiness. (all names have been changed)

The storm: A Lesson in Intuition

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This past Saturday afternoon I was decorating the Christmas tree with my daughter Abbey when I noticed subtle changes in the environment. The barometric pressure was dropping fast! I looked over to Abbey and said, “It feels like a storm is on the way, I'll go check it out”. Walking to the front of the house I could see way out into the distance that coming over the horizon was a massive storm.

The storm: A Lesson in Intuition

I like to use my intuition as much as I can and in many different ways and this is one of those good examples. When I see a storm coming I normally just stop and “BE” with it, watching it for a few moments, trying to get a feel for what this one is like and what it's going to deliver. One consciousness simply tuning into another consciousness.

I've managed to fine-tuned my intuition quite well to know when a storm is threatening or if it will pass on by without too much problem. For this storm my intuition told me that I needed to prepare a little bit more than I normally would.

We closed all windows, pulled the blinds and curtains over. I came into my office which is in a corner room of the house, it has windows on two walls and entering gave me the feeling I needed to prepare this room the most. I unplugged all the computers and equipment, draping towels over my workstation. About 3 days prior I’d had a dream that the office had suffered storm damage, I remembered something about the windows and I wasn't planning on letting that happen!

The storm: A Lesson in Intuition

Just like the supercell storm that came through about 5 weeks ago, this storm also sucked all the light out of the day, sending us into an early evening within minutes. The storm grew in intensity and about 10 mins in I subtly heard a very strange noise. I couldn't even describe it now to you, I just knew it wasn't a noise that was meant to be normally part of our space. At the same time, my intuition said, ”Go towards that noise; go see what that is NOW!”

I started walking to the other end of the house towards my office, the hair on my neck stood on end, I had the ‘get ready to act’ feeling running all through me and as I made my way up the hallway and rounded the corner into my office. I was stunned to see my dream playing out in the room in front of me. It was a bit like one of the latest movie scenes of a rock and roll concert - full on action, things flying everywhere, except the Musician was nowhere to be seen unfortunately.

The force of the winds and horizontal rain (similar to a tornado or cyclone) was strong enough that it sucked one of the windows out - the window right next to my computer station!

The storm: A Lesson in Intuition

I ran into the room, the curtains were blowing so high into the air they were touching the roof. There were parts of nearly every plant and tree from the whole neighbourhood stuck to the walls, ceiling and mashed into the carpet (I’m still cleaning it, even this morning)!!!

I managed to close the windows but the storm kept sucking them out. I needed to start soaking up water so Abbey switched with me and pulled tight on the handles, while I grabbed an armful of towels. The towels that I had draped over the computer earlier were soaked through so I replaced them with dry ones and gave everything a good dry off.

I had a good feeling that my system would be OK. Abbey kept saying “I can’t believe how calm you’re being right now”. Well I didn't feel that anything major was wrong and I also had no control over the storm. I knew I could only deal with what was.

Since then I’ve had a lot of time to reflect and my biggest take home from this event was:

~ I am so glad that I listened and acted with my intuition. Both when I was nugged to put towels over my computer station, and when I heard a noise in the house and something didn't feel right, I moved towards it not away from it.

~ Years and years ago I would have moved away from that noise. Of any ‘potential impact zone’ actually, not able to move into ‘dealing with it’ at all! And, what’s worse, I would have elected to deal with it later (flight mode), which we now know would have been pretty horrible! I for sure would have lost my entire office setup!

~ My ability to plan has improved out of this world! I spent majority of my young and young adult years in a perpetual state of some kind of ‘Fight’, ‘Flight’ or ‘Freeze’. The fact that I was able to calmly and easily have the insight and plan ahead by doing something basic and life saving for my computer like draping towels over them shows me how far I have come.

The storm: A Lesson in Intuition

So I am taking these two concepts, Intuition and Planning and using them heavily this week.

I've gone ahead and blocked out the rest of my week. I have some wonderful BodyTalk sessions to do throughout the week, but felt the nudge early this morning to use the rest of the space in my week to review and plan. Planning out the e-courses I’m producing in 2019. I’m excited to finish writing the outlines for all the My Incredible Orbit group sessions for the next orbit around the sun… not to mention, spending time creating some yummy blog content for all you amazing people!

PS: I'll be dropping all the details about the next years worth of MIO group sessions into my Facebook page over the next week- Check them out and let me know what you think.

When I ask myself “where does this massive improvement in my ability to be able to reflect, plan and tune into and act on my intuition come from?”, I would have to say with all honesty, BodyTalk. The BodyTalk System and all the BodyTalk sessions that I've ever received and facilitated for people and animals around the world (some 13,000 now), PLUS all the study and research that I’ve had the fun of completing over the past 12 years have been the fundamental reason why I was able to have that experienced on Saturday with such a great outcome!.

Do yourself a favour - tune into your intuition right now! If you have not had a BodyTalk session for a while maybe now is a great time to plug back in and jump back on the path to your own exceptional orbit around your sun. My doors are always open and I deeply look forward to seeing many of you soon.

Shine bright!

Jacquie xxx


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