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Frequently Asked Questions
  • How do I book myself a session with you?
    The easiest way to book a BodyTalk consultation for yourself, a family member or an animal is to use the online booking system we have on this website. It gets penciled in immediately, I confirm it by email with you and send you any relevant information you need to know beforehand. Book Online here. It's important to watch the videos on the 'Working with me page' it will answer many of your questions about sessions and working with me.
  • I live many hours away from you, can I have my session via distance?"
    Yes you can...That's the beauty of this work, it allows you to be able to receive a session and all of the benefits that goes with that, no matter what city or country you live in. Jacquie has spent over a decade working with people from all over the globe. We can do sessions live face to face via zoom, or I simply go ahead and facilitate your session and voice record it. The voice recording of your session will be stored in your very own Dropbox folder for a period of one month so you can download and save a copy of it for yourself. You will be sent the recording of your session the day that it is completed, including any additional information.
  • How long does a session consultation take?
    An initial consultation can take between 60 to 90 mins, this includes review of your Health and Wellbeing form, taking you through the process and concepts (this only happens once at your initial consultation) and any follow up homework that either yourself or Jacquie needs to do for you prior to your next session (if you choose to have more). Follow up consultations take between 30 to 50 minutes.
  • Are there any side effects ?
    I hope so.... Effects people commonly see whilst they are having a session and after are feelings of genuine calm, peace, joy and feeling connected to their world again. This alone is sensational as it involves lots of great processes happening internally in the bodymind, especially within the Brain to the chemicals that you can't see. Win win! People notice that they sleep better, their relationships improve and they feel happier on a deeper level more consistently. Everyone's body has a very different way of processing information and making changes within the bodymind complex, and this can vary from session to session depending on what was the priority that needed to be addressed on the day. Check out below the 'After session guidelines' which will give you some further experience to potentially look out for.
  • Do you have any guidelines for after session?
    Yes I the body shifts and starts the balancing process, people and animals may notice that after their BodyTalk session some of the following experiences may be felt. *Fever *Rashes *Muscle Soreness *Vivid dreaming *Wind *Burping *Unusual Changes to sweating *Bowel Movements *Changes in Urination *Heightened emotional feelings *A relaxed calm feeling *Improved Sleep *Increased energy Anything the body can do, it might do it. Any of these are indicators of a very healthy immune response which also may include everything from increased body temperatures, nausea, vomiting or diarrhea, all are great signs that the immune system is now working at a more optimum level, even if they are temporarily unpleasant. I recommend that water (not carbonated) consumption levels are increased for at least 48 hours after your session. This is an important part of your after care to yourself. In order for your body to balance at its optimum level it needs to use the energy that your body has inside. Energy will move slowly if you’re not well hydrated. If you are feeling light headed it may indicate that your body needs more water or the Cortices technique to be done.
  • Can I claim my treatment with my health fund?
    This depends on your health fund and where you live. If you are outside of Australia please ask them. If you are living within Australia, you are at this time, unable to claim BodyTalk treatments from Health funds. Although we are working hard at changing this through things such as The Australian BodyTalk Association Inc, government recognized study (Certificate IV in BodyTalk), it is a complex process. One significant thing you can do is to let your healthcare provider know that you would like BodyTalk to be a claimable modality.
  • What payment methods do you have available for sessions and courses?
    For sessions there is the option of paying by cash (in clinic appointments only), direct banking deposit, credit card (over the phone and by using the online booking system on this site), and PayPal. A small surcharge may be added to a PayPal payment depending on what it is being used for and the amount, to cover fees.
  • Can you do a session for a family member of mine?
    Sure, I would love too....but you must be either one of their next of kin, or you have permission from them (if they are over 18 years of age) for me to go ahead and do a session for them. I actually get asked this a lot, especially in relation to family members who have fallen very ill, have had trauma or are in a coma. A session in these situations is so incredibly powerful and effective, I would thoroughly recommend them, however I am unable to treat someone who is either not your next of kin, or someone who is over the age of 18 and they either do not give consent, or if unconscious then their next of kin does not give clear permission for me to go ahead and do a session. If in doubt please use the Contact Me page to get in touch asap.
  • How many treatments will I need?
    Great question, but impossible to say. If you are going to enlist me for a very particular issue that you are having, then it could very well be resolved after your first session, I have seen that happen very frequently. Sometimes it's a bit more complex and takes a little while longer, every issue has onion layers, of which we can address many at the same time very effectively. Majority of people who come to me, may initially have a few sessions in quick succession if they are very ill, and then the sessions become what is termed as 'maintenance' sessions, where you regularly have a session every 6 to 8 weeks to keep everything functioning really well.
  • Do you do sessions for animals?
    Yes. Working with animals and listening to them has been one of my specialties for nearly 15 years. I have extensive training in this field and also teach seminars all over the world to people from varying backgrounds in how to apply some of the most effective and profound techniques from the BodyTalk system and how to apply them to not only yourself but your animal friends too. Treatments for animals are conducted in the same fashion as people. You will find on our Booking Page the ability to schedule a session for them there.
  • Can I learn BodyTalk
    Yes absolutely. There are several ways you can do this. If you would like to learn 7 of the most powerful techniques from the BodyTalk System that you can apply to yourself, your family and friends including your animals, then I would suggest the Combination BodyTalk Access for Animals and People two day course. I am currently one of the few people globally who teaches both BodyTalk Access for Animals and the Combination BodyTalk Access for Animals and People course. Please see my events schedule for upcoming course locations, or if you would like to ask me to your area, use the Contact me page to get in touch. BodyTalk Access is a one day course that I also teach... is designed to give you the self-healing tools that you can easily use on a day to day basis on yourself or friends. There is no animal component to this particular course. Please note. It is unethical for an Access instructor or student of Access for People, to teach the Access for People one day course and inform people that they can apply the same techniques to animals. It is unprofessional, dangerous, and requires extensive training in working with the animal kingdom. The next training I would thoroughly recommend taking is BodyTalk Fundamentals. You can see what courses are being offered and by which instructors on this site The latest government approved qualification is the Certificate IV in BodyTalk. A sensational that I am doing myself, and one that we are very lucky to have here in Australia. You can find the details for that at
  • I would really like to do your course but wonder if there is a payment plan offered?
    There sure is. Most of the time I offer payment plans for those people currently on a wave of financial restriction. You can sign up and join any one of my courses by laying down a deposit of between $50-$100 and completing equal regular payments until the balance of investment has been paid. (the amount of repayments depends on the overall cost) please approach Jacquie by email about this through the Contact Me page.
  • Can I get my manual and start studying before the course starts?
    No. Your manual is part of your overall course and tuition fees. Manuals are given out on first day of class where we go through and start to introduce the concepts and techniques. Some of the teachings are quiet complex or detailed and getting the manual prior would only bring up more questions that you began with and possibly add confusion, which is really unnecessary.
  • What is the best way to get in contact with you?
    Definitely by email, using either the Contact Me page or scheduling a brief call back phone call through the Online Booking page. Majority of days I am either in consult doing sessions, in group calls or teaching. I never have my phone on or take calls during this time, and I do not take calls outside of business hours. You can email me at Another way is by sending me a message through Facebook.
  • Is it true that students who attend your courses also get to join one of your group themed distance session months for free?
    Yes absolutely! Its part of my support program for students. Any student who completes a whole training in one of my seminars or workshops, automatically is entitled to join up for any one month in the Dynamic Group Sessions program. This is a year-long program that is open to membership giving people the option of joining for as long or briefly as they need (ie: the whole year, three months or just one month) They can elect to join a month that is yet to be run or receive a month of agenda based sessions that have already been run. Students can view the program HERE and fill in the registration form to indicate which month they choose to be part of. Any student can also if they wish, elect to join up as a paying member for any additional group sessions using the same registration process.
  • Would you be interested in coming to my city and teaching a class here?
    Possibly...I do travel all over the world teaching and facilitating one on one and group sessions, and I do love working with a wide variety or people and groups. However I'm not able to accept every request I get to go and teach at. If you are very passionate and driven to help be the co-facilitator in bringing change and profound learning into people's lives, then maybe we would be a good working mix. Being a coordinator for a seminar or series of events is a paid position and sets a platform for furthering a wonderful working relationship. We would need to arrange a personal meeting and go from there. All inquiries can be sent to
  • What is the difference learning wise, between BodyTalk Access for Animals course and BodyTalk Fundamentals course?"
    There are big differences between he two courses of study. The first is that the Access for Animals course is not taught as a single two day course now. Changes have been added to incorporate the human or 'people' component as well, meaning that there is an added technique that participants learn, and an added Reciprocal. We also cover off the reasons why some techniques are important for Animals and why the Access for Animals protocol is laid out in a certain way which is different to our's (people's). In the two day course we delve into calming and warning signals of many of the major species of animals that people tend to want to do the techniques for. We look at the 4 major ways that the techniques can be facilitated, so that they can easily be applied to zoo animals and animals or people that are at distance. We go into 'sensing shifts via the subtle senses' which looks at the ways that you and the animals can be seen to be processing and releasing imbalances and tension in the body. There is a specific protocol that you would apply for Animals and a different one again for people, we go through it extensively and look at the why's...(it has to do with the way an animals nervous system works) The Access courses really are their own strong matrix that you will find is very different to BodyTalk Fundamentals. This combo course gives you so much added information that is only covered off in Access with the Animal component.
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