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Founder of My Incredible Orbit Academy Community

IBA PaRama BodyTalk Practitioner

IBA BodyTalk for Animals Practitioner

BodyTalk for Animals Instructor

BodyTalk Access for Animals and People Trainer

Jacquie's a life journier and it's seen her grow and build an eclectic mix of skills, abilities, interests and artistry's that stemmed from her heart connection to the animal kingdom as a child, her deep fascination for human and animal psychology, mashed into that is her ever present love affair with all forms of creativity. 

She knows all to well that it's impossible to neatly fit us into boxes, nor do the labels fit the true sentience of who we are.


And that's why she has integrated her blend of integrative medicine, whole healthcare, community and creativity to this very space. If your willing to dive in with her, prepare to be loved and supported while you embark this incredible return journey to self.

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The profound changes and results that a family member had experienced from a BodyTalk session in 2005 encouraged Jacquie to book her own session. Her first experience was profound in the level of response she felt in her own body.


Jacquie was intrigued to learn that this complex system could be applied with ease to all members of the animal kingdom, people, families and businesses, and was determined that her BodyTalk practice would be a beautiful blend of them all. With her background and knowledge in animal and human consciousness, body psychology and behaviour her intention was to focus on a clinical practice and teaching.


Over the subsequent 16+ year period, Jacquie’s BodyTalk studies and practice has been a constant source of satisfaction and joy. She is passionate about people and guiding them in a return journey to self and finding freedom within their body-mind.


Her lifelong commitment and deep love of people, animals and creativity has been transformed into a very unique set of services and talents.

There is a balanced core of happiness, bliss and good health that all people and animals seek.  Jacquie facilitates the journey back to this core of self. 

We are not one thing, we are many things and as such Jacquie's business is multi aspected, sure to be offering everyone something very special. ​​​​​

I’m saying thank you. It’s been the most restful and nourishing experience I’ve had in years. I’m letting it change me. Slowly. And with TLC. Oh thank you for the space.

Lisa F

I feel like a new person!!

When I woke up the morning after the treatment I felt totally rewired, and still do. No headaches, no meds, thinking calmed down and I can feel my energy flowing like electricity. It's a wonderful feeling!!

Cindy B

That session was amazing!

exactly what I needed to hear!

It resonated so well. I would love another BodyTalk Session.




Renee. S

I just wanted to say thankyou lovely Jacquie for another awesome session today. In Christian speak I wold say "My cup overflows..." You are an absolute joy to work with and I am so grateful for you.

Donna B


In Jacquie’s own words:

"This human journey is in fact a return journey to self and it's so much more enriching, powerful and helpful if we can take that journey together with the right people in our corners shouting out support as we go. Not everyone has that, but here in this space you do. You simply need to sign up and show up... the rest we will journey through together".

For the most epic journey with Jacquie by your side, check out the My Incredible Orbit Academy

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