Working with Me

Are you thinking of starting a journey with me but want to know more?

My 'Working With Me' mini series provides guidance & insight into working with me. How we could work with one another and if we would be a good fit.

It will benefit you to watch all episodes in sequence...I've answered all the common questions I get asked everyday. 


Episode 1: What I'm all about

Get a feel for me & how my sessions can benefit you


Episode 2: Session options and what works for you
What are the ways we can work with one another & how much time will I need for a session?

Learn about distance sessions, remote distance sessions & in clinic session options & how they work for you.


Episode 3: A BodyTalk Session

What is the BodyTalk System & how can it work for you?


Episode 4: My Healing Session Techniques

Beautiful techniques I may use during our session

Your healing starts the moment you make your appointment- what can this look like?

How long can the healing process take & what can that look like?

Basic introduction into the tapping process we do over the Head Brain, Heart Brain and Gut/ Enteric Brain


Episode 5: The Tapping Process
The three brains of the body introduction

What this tapping process does. 

When & how we tap the three brains.

The benefits of harmonising them explained. 


Episode 6: After a session, now what?

How a session comes to an end & what happens at the completion of that session.

Episode 7: During & after a session, what could happen?

What to potentially expect during our session together within your body...from the session immediately afterwards and in the days/ weeks after.

After session guidelines are important, here is why.

Watch them


Watch them


Episode 2: Session options and what works for you

Episode 3: A BodyTalk Session

Episode 4: Session Techniques 

Episode 5: The Tapping Process

Episode 6: What's after a session?

Episode 7: What could happen during or after a session?

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