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I, the undersigned student, in 

taught by Jacquie Mc Intyre and being held online on

request permission to audio record the material presented during the seminar while also agreeing that I will NOT video record the seminar.

In being permitted to audio record the material:

I agree that this audio recording shall be used solely for the purposes of individual private study by only the undersigned and that the recordings shall not be sold, shared, transferred, re-recorded, or published in any way.
I agree to save the recordings to a separate thumb drive or external hard drive and will not store them on my local computer where they are not secure. I agree to destroy the recordings when they are no longer needed for purposes of my private study.

I agree that I am responsible for all costs associated with making the audio recordings I acknowledge that abuse of the privilege to make audio recordings of the course material constitutes a violation of the IBA’s policies, as well as a violation of international guidelines that respect student confidentiality and privacy. I acknowledge that such violations will, at a minimum, result in the loss of such privileges in the future with any IBA Instructor, and may involve legal action.


I Jacquie McIntyre, hereby do not object to the above-named student making audio recordings of the lecture or practical material in the course, for the purpose of private study, under the conditions set forth above.

Note: Instructor shall keep this record on file for IBA reference as needed.