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Mandalas for Matrices

Birthing Mandalas purposefully to balance, communicate and synchronise a matrix...

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There are many ways a matrix can heal and repair itself. We are specifically using mandalas because they have the ability to be an extremely powerful way of reformatting a matrix, repairing and harmonising it, to express itself to act in a healthy way.

  • ​Get my easy step by step guide for birthing beauty and power through a mandala

  • Dive into understanding the use of mandalas when applied to a specific matrix

  • Learn to create a mandala which functions from a clear intention of the matrix needing to achieve harmony, happiness and cohesion 

  • Get my firsthand uses and library of nature and art mandalas

About this course:

Last week I chatted about some of the reasons why I use and craft Mandalas specifically for a Matrix

Why Birth a Mandala?

Mandalas over thousands of years have been used for:

  • Meditation and to deepen one's experience. 
  • As a representation of family (matrix) 
  • For intense personal growth and manifestation
  • Expressing and nurturing creativity
  • Profound re-balancing
  • To restore a previously existing way of being, find your roots again
  • Giving expression and form to something that does not YET exist
  • Assencention and growth journey

Now we are using Mandalas very deliberately to heal and reconstruct a matrix that perhaps needs a little support.

The finer details...


Your lounge room - It's self paced, so take your time. 


On demand- Allow for approx 1.5 hours of great information, tips & tools.

Will I need anything?:

Maybe something to write on? I'm a prolific note taker myself. 

What's my VIP price?: 

Get it for my SPECIAL price of $20 AUD

My Incredible Orbit Academy members- receive this course included in their membership.

Do I get anything else?:

Yes, yes YES! You will also get two of my special FREE handouts:

Jacquie's Mandala Colouring Book
Colour Guide

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My thoughts on M4M


My thoughts on M4M


My thoughts on M4M


My thoughts on M4M

Times when a mandala could be needed for a matrix...

To promote healing within a family or group matrix. 

New family member- birth or adoption

After a stressful or traumatic time

Family member dies, especially a main matrix holder such as a grandparent or parent

Move to a new house or property~ building a new house

Open and start a new business

Separation or divorce

New relationship or marriage

Maybe you don’t have an agenda as such, but feel called to have a mandala that represents your….whatever it is, family, work etc

Frequently asked questions

After I sign up will I get sent the-Course?

Yes, you will be directed to it the moment you complete enrolment! and it's self paced. You have access to the course for it's life...that's a lot of mandalas for wonderful matrices you can create!

Is there any after course support, if I have any questions?

Absolutely, there are a few actually. Our support email is you can reach our helpful team here. I also encourage you to connect with me online where you can ask me any questions that come up for you after the course. Connect with me on Instagram

Let's go - Take this journey with me,

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