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The psychology of colour & the benefits of using it.

From the Table is a series of conversational articles which have been birthed from the weeks treatments with Jacquie McIntyre- showcasing some interesting concepts and issues that people face in their journey to body and mind health and deep happiness. (all names have been changed)

Grab a cuppa!


Since I can remember I've always been attracted to COLOUR... lots of it, all different patterns and combinations. And I've always been fascinated as to why I loved certain colours and why I REPELLED from others.

For example it wasn't until I was in my mid 30’s that I started to like the colour green- before that, not only could I not stand it- but I would never wear it, never buy, in fact you would struggle to find anything green in my house. It was almost like an allergic or intolerant reaction, I would feel physically ill at the thought of wearing Green.

I was also never fussed on the colour PINK as a young girl, leaning more to RED, but knowing myself as well as I do now, I realise why I resonated with Red so well. I’ll show you down the page.

Not having a very good relationship with the colour green in this way is what we would call a pathology relationship. I knew that my aversion to green actually ran far deeper than me just not liking the colour. By looking at the psychology of a colour we can start to map what is sitting as imbalances within our very own body mind complex and it can give us enormous insight into deeper healing processes wanting to take place.

I started to wonder why I had this aversion, I had a feeling if I could see into it better, it would unlock some broken pieces within me, I knew it had deeper meaning so I started researching the psychology of colour (it’s the study of hues as a determinant of human behavior. Color influences perceptions that are not obvious, such as the taste of food) and how colour comes up and relates strongly to many other principals such as Traditional Chinese Medicine- more Specifically would be the five elements of Earth, Wood, Fire, Metal and Water and The Chakra System from East Indian Tantric theory.

When I studied the psychology of Green I found out that it relates very strongly to all matters of the Heart. Meaning I was most likely dealing with issues around healthy self love, self acceptance, heart awareness, being able to process strong emotions in a healthy way, balance in relationships and life, self respect and the ability to process compassion and empathy in a way that is productive for me and the person receiving it.

The colour of Green also relates us to nature, rest, peace, honesty, soothing, comforting, energy, growth, vision and the big picture.

In other words if you have somebody that finds it very hard to be peaceful and rest- they are always ‘doing’...Or a person that is not able to be honest with themselves, then they will fail to be able to be honest with others- this is going to be an imbalance with the colour green.

Similarly if you have somebody that is stagnant in life with very little growth physically, emotionally, mentally and seems they continue to do the same thing over and over with the same results, maybe they can’t see the potential of their future, lack ‘vision’, they're not able to see the big picture- then working with the psychology of green would be a very powerful and effective thing for them as a healing and growth tool.

How this works…

All experiences that you have in life are sensory experiences, meaning everything you perceive in life is data that is brought in via the sense of hearing, sight, smell, taste and touch. When you bring in information from perceiving a particular colour it’s not just data that passes via the sense of sight, you feel a color, you hear a colour, you hear a color and taste a color. For most people it is not a conscious recognition that Green feels like this, or Green sounds like this. The information is there but it happens at a subtle and sub-consciousness level.

The information about the colour your perceiving also links very strongly to your memory and data storing centres of the Head Brain. It is one of the primary reasons why colour effects the psychology of the human body mind. Colour has been shown to have an immediate chemical effect within the brain and body, so your chemistry literally changes with the perception of colour.

Much of this comes from information that you have associated with that particular colour and what you have been subconsciously taught about it. When you ‘see’ or perceive a colour an enormous amount of information is remembered and triggered- and this creates a tsunami of chemicals made and released into the body- Good or bad- The aim is to resolve it, and this is a perfect place to start.

Once I started consciously working with the psychology of the colour green, things started to shift for me very quickly. I realised my purpose in life- To learn Love, Teach Love and Heal Love, I easily resolved to dissolve my marriage, I changed the colour of my work shirts to Green, I started a massive journey which still continues to this day in healing my heart and all the broken pieces that went with it. It's going super well :-)

All from looking at my relationship with the psychology of the colour green.

In my latest e-course Mandalas for Matrices, affectionately known as M4M which many of you have taken, one of the things that I talk about because of its importance is the use of colour psychology.

One of the underlying principles of M4M is building a mandala using very specific colours based on the psychology that you want to implement and apply to a particular Matrix, that then brings about healing, harmony or some type of reconfiguration for that Matrix.

It can either be a work, family, relationship matrix, even re-configuring a matrix when somebody has transitioned from the family or bringing a new family member into the matrix- maybe a baby. It doesn't matter what kind of matrix it is that you are dealing with, you have a wonderful opportunity to use something very old and ancient like a mandala... Apply the psychology of colour to it and allow it to make beautiful changes to that matrix over a short period of time.

In M4M all participants get two bonus handouts, the first is a hand selected collection of Mandalas ready for you to make yourself a cuppa, sit back and chill while colouring them in. The second is a handout which lists the psychology relating to 10 core colours that your likely to use not only in your mandalas but other areas of life too.

Using colour very deliberately in life will benefit you greatly.

For example you can use specific colours that bring a cool and calm feeling to an environment when there are people living in it that are high strung, stressed, anxious, have issues communicating their thoughts or needs, even people who have lost trust in themself, in life and are looking to restore faith again.

That would be the BLUE family...pulling different hue’s from the Blue colour range will have an enormous beneficial psychological effect on the bodymind of everyone in that environment. I too have used it extensively in my home for this very reason.

The psychology of Blue represents the following

  • Relaxation

  • Communication

  • Goodness

  • High quality

  • Valuable

  • Faith

  • Business and corporate

  • Expression

  • Trust

  • Smart and intelligent

  • Calm

  • Natural

  • Stable

  • Power

I thought I would share some of my in clinic stories and their outcomes.

  • “Wendy” was a psychologist who came to me for years for BodyTalk, she had a huge basket of blankets that were all different colours in her office. Adults, including kids would often grab a blanket and either drape it over themself or wrap themself in it like a cocoon. She noted that children who had been abused and traumatised would generally always go for the Orange coloured blanket. One of the fundamental psychological anchors of Orange is Safety. By wrapping them self in Orange they were unconsciously calming the sympathetic nervous system and helping to make themselves feel safe. How’s that for self healing!

  • In M4M we talk about the use and installation of blue street lighting in certain areas of Glasgow in 2000. A very deliberate use of colour which they found reduced the incidents of crime, fighting and violence in the area, it worked brilliantly!- And also impressive is the use of Blue lighting on certain train platforms in Japan with the reduction of suicide the aim- Again, it worked with incidents of suicide in these areas substantially dropping.

  • Many times in my own clinical practice, I have had a client who is experiencing depression, anxiety, sadness or even grief, and amongst other things that comes up as a priority to balance within the bodymind, a common addition that the client can put into play immediately is using the colour YELLOW. Mostly by wearing...tee-shirts, scarves, shoes, jewelry, hats...they can also paint a wall in their home, use yellow sheets or quilt covers etc. Using the color in very deliberate way on the person and in the environment will help resolve and shift the imbalance within them very quickly.

  • A lady was rebuilding her life after a failed and traumatic marriage. She used Red purposively after it came up in her BodyTalk session to harness the psychological quality of RED. Red represents Joy, Strength, power, excitement, passion, arousal, lust, hunger, love and romance. RED helped her to have the strength, power, passion, hunger and lust to start all over again. (A thought that can seem too much for some people at that time) whilst gaining Joy for herself and life again when it had been missing for more than two decades. That's the power of colour!

The healing power of colour

It's my hope that this article has given you some insight into how you can use colour more deliberately. I’d love to invite you to look deeper into the Psychology of color, don’t be afraid to jump in and play with it, it’s lots of fun and who knows what you will change within yourself and uncover.

If you would love to get your hands on the Psychology of Color handout you will find it as a download when you take the M4M short e-Course- at ust $20 it’s a high value low cost learning experience. Still on Sale for short period of time before the price goes up in the new year.

And I would love to hear all your questions about the psychology of colour or the M4M course...any observations about how you have perhaps used colour consciously or unconsciously in your life. Did you ever have a colour that you didn't like that you wear now?

Shine bright!

Jacquie xxx


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