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When is magnetic therapy right for me?

When is magnetic therapy best for me?

Have you heard of (MB) Magnetic Blankets or Magnetic Therapy? it's a fabulous asset to have, if you follow some basic guidelines and know these things.

Many people became aware of them as they rose in popularity in the 80's, but texts have been discovered in 600BC that speak to the use of magnets and their uses/benefits. Over the years I've had both clients and friends ask me about them and they recently popped up in a clients session, so here we are talking about them.

These days both magnetic therapy is combined as a weighted blanket which I myself use from time to time. We can find it used in mats, tapes, bandages, jewellery, clothing, accessories and a whole host of other human and pet products.

Firstly, a remembering that we are sentient beings who are made up of many MANY different types of energetic systems, waves, and fields. Everything in and around us, no matter what it is, interacts with these aspects of us influencing them. Our cells are constantly responding to everything in the environment, everything that comes into contact with our body and into us.

Everything and every time.

Sometimes it happens in a way that brings balance and health and sometimes it doesn't.... sometimes quiet the opposite, bringing loads of disruptions.

A Magnetic Blanket will be useful when you have imbalances within the body-mind, that your wishing to help balance with the help of one of these.

Don't expect the blanket to be the 'be all and end all' of your imbalances and to fix things completely. It's used as a tool and needs to be harmonized in conjunction with other tools and resources, such as food as medicine, mindfulness, activities and therapy's that you have.

These days magnetic blankets are also made and used for animals and can be used for other things such as land, plants etc...but that's lesser known or talked about and I might branch out into that in a different blog one day. What we need to remember is that the same applications and uses I talk about here for people can be applied to animals and plants.

Originally when the birthing of magnetic blankets erupted onto the planet, it came as, ideas and commercial offerings from people, who knew how powerful this therapy can be... they had the knowledge of how to apply magnetic therapy in a blanket so people could easily harness and use it.

Rather quickly, some individuals who lack integrity and honesty also saw an opportunity to get blankets made, have pieces of metal weights sewn in them and marketed them as "healing magnetic blankets".

And unfortunately, people who weren't aware of this deception occurring, were easily pulled into the proficient marketing efforts of the person selling weights wrapped in cloth. The true flavour and wonderful potential of magnetic blankets became diluted because of this.

Because we have such a high expression of polarity when it comes to deception on this planet right now, it means that we will continue to see fakes showing up against the authentic ones. There are magnetic blankets on the market that are not true to their natural intention. So be aware. When choosing one for yourself do your own research.

Magnetic therapy is meant to be used for short periods of time. And your truly meant to use them guided by your own intuition. When using them from this place of what "feels" right on this day, you'll not only notice the greatest benefits but you'll be really optimising the therapy's potential for your own health.

It means you might be using magnetic therapy for a few minutes only, a few hours, a few days.... you might even use it in the early AM for a few hours every second day. The point is, your needs are unique and trusting in your own knowing of how and when to use it is key. Other people will be using it very differently for themselves based off their own individual needs, and that's the way it is designed to be.

Let that inner guidance tell you if today is the day you use this therapy. Then keep using it until you feel that it's no longer a priority. The word priority is important here.

Your not asking your inner knowing, "would magnetic therapy be good", your asking "is magnetic therapy in the form of this MB (Magnetic Blanket) a priority for me right now". Your innate wisdom will guide you correctly based off what's most important right now.

If your not yet comfortable with understanding and getting direct feedback from your intuition, I recommend watching this interview I gave with Future Link called "Enhanced Intuition", this may help you. In the mean time if you follow the basic guideline of only using it for a short time, having a break from the therapy, then possibly using it again, will stand you in good steed.

The way magnetic therapy works is...

Remembering the basic understanding I explained earlier.... that when you put something (like a magnet) within the bodies environment, all cells and energies respond.

Magnets used in this type of therapeutic setting (near or on the body) have been observed to cause a separation of cells, or more space to be opened up between blood cells. This increases the availability of surface area of the blood cells, which allows it to pick up and attract to it more oxygen, this in turn stimulates the release of more energy.

Magnetic therapy is often used to specifically help address pain and when used in conjunction with other therapies and resources from your personal tool kit, it's exceptionally effective. As the magnets interact with your own energy fields of your body (you have many different energy fields) they help to relax the capillary walls, this allows more blood to flow into the area, thus instantly improving circulation of ions, protons, solitons etc.

For me personally, I'm glad to know that when my energy systems are mostly in harmony it helps to create a healthier harmony of the earths magnetic fields also.

Its thought that because we as humans have become so separated, disconnected, imbalanced and stressed, that this has had a concerning ripple effect to the earth. A decrease in the health of our own energetic fields has contributed to a significant decrease of the earths magnetic fields.

So in essence, if we are powerful enough to cause the earths magnetic fields to decrease, affecting the earths own health and its systems... then we must also acknowledge that we have the powerful ability to restore that, by focusing on our own ability to use magnetic and other therapies to improve our own energetic systems.

Some of the issues magnetic therapy helps with;
  • Improving sleep and the sleep cycles, including insomnia

  • Depression and anxiousness

  • lymphatic circulation

  • Digestion function

  • Relief of pain

  • Reduction of inflammation

  • Improved circulation of Qi energy throughout the body

  • Balances Meridian system

  • Balances Chakra system

  • Migraines and headaches

  • Arthritis relief

Why you only use them for a short period of time;

Magnetic therapy is powerful, so much so it's been known to help increase the flow and circulation of Qi and meridian energy throughout the body. Which is great, if there are blockages or stagnant aspects within the meridian channels.

But your only wanting to stimulate to the point where it meets is balancing point of function and the body part or system becomes harmonized, then you want it to stop because it's achieved it mission of helping the area find its balance. If you keep applying the power of magnetics beyond this point, it can absolutely over stimulate and inadvertently swing back into dysregulation again, bringing back the same symptoms and imbalances the person started off with.

Its no different to taking a 5 day course of antibiotics for a serious infection. You don't continue to take them for days/weeks/months after the imbalance has been corrected or you cause serious injury to the gut microbiome, immune system and hormones.

When you use them in a way that totally fits your needs right in this moment, you'll have the most wonderful results and in turn, you'll be helping the earth to repair its own magnetic fields, resulting in healthier and happy humans, animals and earth.

Have you used magnet therapy in different forms to my blanket that I have? I'd love to hear what you've used and what you used it for in the comments.

If your using this magnetic therapy and not getting the change or results your looking for, it might be time to explore a session with me. Sessions focused on getting to the causation of the imbalance and restoring healthy communication and function within the bodymind. Whilst allowing your existing therapies your using to work better and be more effective for you.

Why not book a session for you or your animal TODAY

Jacquie x


About Jacquie...

Jacquie's a life journier and it's seen her grow and build an eclectic mix of abilities, interests and artistry's that

stemmed from her heart connection to the animal kingdom as a child, her deep fascination for human and animal psychology, mashed into that was her ever present love affair with all forms of creativity. ​

She knows all to well that it's impossible to neatly fit us into boxes, nor do the labels fit the true sentience of who we are. And that's why she has integrated her blend of integrative medicine, whole healthcare, community and creativity to this very space. If your willing to dive in with her, prepare to be loved and supported while you embark on this incredible return journey to self.

Through private treatment sessions, seminars, workshops based in integrated consciousness healthcare and founder of the My Incredible Orbit community that gets you the powerful results you so deeply desire.

Consciousness based healthcare, where the best version of you and your journey towards a sensational life awaits you.

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