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DIY Respitority Goodness Recipe

inflammatory calming capsules- Blog. Jacquie McIntyre

I've got another ripper health recipe for .

When would you need the support of this Respitority Goodness recipe?

Anytime it pops into your mind, or feels like you need a little extra support for your energy reserves and immune system. But mostly your going to reach for this at change of season time, which is now at the time of me writing this. Its the same no matter if your moving from cold weather patterns into hot or vice versa.

A transition in seasons means the immune system does what it does best, it cleans house. And often that involves it scanning your body mind complex for stressors and pathogens that have accumulated over the past seasons and looks to address that.

This shows up as headaches, fatigue, coughs, runny nose, sneezing, temperatures etc (avoid taking analgesic unless absolutely necessary, as it lowers the temperature... aka the immune response and it doesn't compete its process)

Every planet has it's own powerful medicinal properties and consciousness expression... when you combine them in specific ways such as this recipe they become super healers for your body.

Its all about supporting these processes happening in your body and helping them to move through it as efficiently as possible.

Till next time friends,

Living life on your own terms

Jacquie xx

Respitority Goodness with Jacquie McIntyre
Download and save or take a screenshot.


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Jacquie McIntyre

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