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THE Inspiring, Learning, Growing & HEALING PLAYGROUND

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Align your TRAJECTORY to what brings you BLISS

Live & Love your life in the most INCREDIBLE WAY.

How are you travelling?

How is life for you?

Have you been looking high and low for something special out of your life but haven't really found it yet?...still looking for clarity about your direction?

Have you been down and struggling to find your way back to yourself?

Do you need a great, solid support team behind you, shouting you to the finish line?

Have you experienced burnout and feel like your still crawling back from that?

Let's face it...This journey....Life...

It can be so darn hard, complicated and draining if you don't have the right tools and knowledge on board.


If you don't have someone to show you the way through it and back home to yourself.

If you don't have the solid grounded support team to anchor you while you heal and journey.

My Incredible Orbit holds the space for you to journey into to yourself

in a nurturing and supportive way that gets you results.

Let's chat a moment

My wish is that, if you could just think "positive", that it would be enough to make everything better in your life and you would have the love, peace, relationships and riches of experiences that you deserve.

Positive thinking will help to a certain extent, but it doesn't get to the actual reasons of WHY you don't feel good, why your health is not thriving and why things are not working out the way you planned.


And it definitely does not give you the emotional and spiritual support you need if you really are going to find a bigger, brighter and more vibrant version of yourself.

In order to be happy, healthy, successful and to love your life, it takes more than just being good at meditating or exercising or practicing mindfulness,


You have to follow your soul’s calling.

It takes education + support.

That's exactly what the 

My Incredible Orbit Village offers you

This 12 month immersion program sets you up in a Rocket..your very own vessel that belongs to a very special and supportive village. It points you in the right direction and gets you to where you want to go safely.


It also is made up of many different moving parts just like a rocket.

You will receive 36 state-of-the-art integrated healthcare sessions based from The BodyTalk System. 

Access to a library of past group sessions- 6 months in total.

Lifetime access to the e-course library. Courses that inspire, educate and help you to grow in wisdom and in health.

A online mastermind of empathetic, intelligent and supportive women who are curious to learn , love and be the best possible version of themselves...just like you, too!

Monthly Q&A coaching calls with Jacquie

Live Facebook Series Introduction each month.

Resource library of videos, e-books and handouts, to make your life more manageable, desirable, joyful and harmonious.

Daily inspiration to anchor you to your rocket seat, so you can orbit in the most incredible way.

All in one easy online membership portal.

So many goodies all in the one space

You get OODLES AND OODLES OF amazing support + powerful, inspiring BodyTalk sessions, courses and education as an Village member!

Here’s what our fellow villagers rave about.

It really is whole healthcare at it's very best.


A mastermind of vibrancy and passion from all around the globe to support you- worth limitless​

 worth $360


Monthly coaching calls

1. 'Series Intro'- explores the concepts of upcoming series of sessions- Live

2. 'Chin Wag's'- to dive in your questions, debrief experiences and connect- Live

worth $2,300

Healing Sessions

36 Live & recorded group healing BodyTalk sessions, to align you to your purpose, achieve better health, have happier & authentic relationships.

worth $3,600


New and inspirational courses for Life + Health + Creativity + Soul

New courses added every few months.

worth $1,500


Access a huge library of power healing group sessions- 6 months in fact. Covering everything from Money, relationships, positivity, sabotaging beliefs, fears, growth and mindset.

valued at $2,340

Don't take my word for it... Erena is here to share her own experiences as one of our founding members.

What other MIO members have to say

"More in touch with my most authentic ME"

If you are not afraid to be the

be-er, see the seer, witness the witnesser then this program of group sessions is for you.


Having completed a full orbit with this village I am without a doubt more in touch with my most authentic ME. 


Jacquie fearlessly steers us to our undoing & becoming with a focused ease, a steady heart & an instinctive gut.


So much thank you Jacquie for shining more light on me.

Sandra Love

Doula & Birth Companion

"Zero doubt, No regrets"

I am not able to find words to express how these sessions can be so accurate, meaningful and life changing.


I have signed up for the whole shebang and even after the first session, if I had any doubt as to what I had let myself in for, it would have been squashed and not existed any more. Here is to the next 11 months (and beyond).

Erena Oliver

Specialist Radical Resilience

"So profound for Me"

I can tell you that the knowledge, depth, exploring and unraveling that Jacquie observed and facilitated has been so profound for me.

I have such gratitude for your work, your integrity and the witnessing of that alignment between personality and soul.

Penny Adder

Mum and Chief organiser

It's likely that you...

Want to feel Blissfully in Balance?...have a healthy body that supports you to do the things you Love, and a life that supports you to Thrive, to go BIG in the world, without it costing you your joy, your Heart...your Soul?.

Having all of this and becoming good at all this is possible, I promise you, it's right here waiting for you to show up and action that calling. 


Living a full + balanced life is possible, it's right here waiting for you to step forward and say yes.

It's the Soul's calling to you, nudging you to find a different way.


How do you make sure you get the balance right?

You Get Help and Support that you need.

The most effective way to bring about Epic, long lasting change in your life, is to start right now.

Let's begin shall we...

My Incredible Orbit

Is the best program of its kind out there, in fact there is no other that compares

Here's how...

It is crazy affordable and generous compared to what else is out there.

Online or face to face, you’re just not going to get this amount of huge value and support over a whole year anywhere else. Nadda, nope, none...It’s what I pride the village on.

My Incredible Orbit is a growing, evolving and continuous education platform.

Striving along with you, standing both behind you, and at your finish line ready to pass you your flag of brilliance as you cross through.

It’s a portal and one stop shop for what you need to develop your life + bodymind health + soul.

So many other programs cover only a part of one or the other. This is a complete, integrated self + health + life development space.

My Incredible Orbit works because...

It's a totally different way of achieving your results, learning about yourself and the world around you as you go.

It's the only place where you are going to get the knowledge and experience of over a decade of group distance healing available to you.

The presence of the group in these distance sessions will increase the number of observers and therefore increase the impact and potential of the session for you. Also, the increased understanding of the group amplifies the possibility for a shift in consciousness or perception for everyone.

A sneak peek at your next year of Incredible and Powerful Group Healing sessions...

A huge part of My Incredible Orbit is twelve monthly series of group healing sessions.

Each monthly series has three very powerful and transformative sessions specifically focused on areas of health, growth and personal development. These are steeped in the education and traditions of The BodyTalk System.


My Incredible Orbit sessions are specific in focus and agenda. 

We will be deeply repairing and balancing your physical body, spirit, soul, mind and emotional wellbeing...The whole shabang.

It's about having a HUGE, BEAUTIFUL and INCREDIBLE life.


Everything just gets easier and better!

That's 36 Star Soaring healing BodyTalk sessions as you

Orbit around the Sun.

PLUS- You get a library of past healing sessions. All about money, relationships, beliefs, family, goals, hormones...there is too much to list here!

Upcoming group sessions


It's true, our members love MIO so much they just keep coming back year after year.  99% of ALL members renew.

e-Courses and Resources for you

An ever expanding library of life, health, creative and personal development courses

The Breath that Rocks Your body ecourse- Jacquie McIntyre
Mandalas for Matrices e.course- Jacquie McIntyre
Attention to Intention course- Jacquie McIntyre
Healing judgement and projection video series- Jacquie McIntyre
Exhaustion and Burnout video series. Jacquie McIntyre
Creative Felting course- Jacquie McIntyre

so often, your going to love exploring what's on offer.

with many NEW and exciting Courses being released to members...

Some common questions

Do I have to be present for the live integrated health sessions?

No you don't, they are recorded live and added to your library for access whenever you need. 

When will I get access to the members space and all the goodies?

Usually within the hour. Upon completing enrollment you will be sent an email that includes all the information you need to get access into your exclusive members area. It's important to add us to your email contacts list and mark emails as safe so they don't end up in spam.

How long will I have access to the series of sessions, resources and courses?

You will have full and unlimited access to all sessions, courses, resource materials for the lifetime of your membership. You will have full access to the courses for your lifetime.

How long does my membership run it to the end of the calendar year?

The MIO Village is not a recurring subscription. You must step forward and make the conscious decision each year to enrol again. If you enrolled on June 3rd 2019, your membership will be available to renew again on June 3rd 2020.

Why is it so cheap? Why are you not charging thousands for this?

There is no funny business going on here, it really is this price for a very deliberate reason. I want as many people to be able to join this village as humanly possible. This program is an accumulation of over 20 years of experience, research and study. I know it works, so I make it my mission to educate and inspire as many people as I possible can.

I have never been part of a community and learnt like this. Will the village help me?

Experience tells us a resounding YES! The people before you have all come from different backgrounds & have excelled, grown, thrived, healed and learnt so much about themselves and the world around them. Your answer is absolutely YES

Are there any restrictions on how old you must be to join?

No, no way!

Most of our members are between their late 20's to 50's, but we have had some members who are younger than that. I do insist that if you are under 18 yrs, you must have consent from your guardian.

Can I share my membership with someone else?

No. This is a very individualised experience and it's meant just for you. Let's keep the energy of your membership all about you.

It's wonderful when a family member or friends want to do it with you, which they can, but they will have to have their own membership to join in.

Absolutely and yes please! This space is for all genders and all backgrounds. Although a tiny bit of the content might be geared towards the matriarchal or feminine energies if you don't mind, it most definitely will not affect your experience and the ability to get the most from everything.

Are men welcome into the MIO academy?

Please note there are no refunds for MIO village memberships except where required by Australian Competition and Consumer Commission Law. When you invest in yourself with the MIO membership, your purchase is final.

What is your refund policy?

Throughout your Orbit, you will find that most sessions are facilitated close to or outside of normal business hours. This is to help as many of you to join live. Session dates are listed in the members area & into the MIO Facebook group.

When are the sessions done and how do I find out the dates?

Yes, absolutely.

sign up today using any of the payment methods, including instalments and you have full access straight away. 

If I sign up using the instalment option, do I get the full benefit of the membership straight away?

January, 2018

"So super duper excited"

When renewing last year, one of our members said, "So super duper excited and just LOVE the feeling of what I am reaching for <3 whatever that looks like ;)"


August, 2018

"The sessions speak to my soul"

After being in the MIO village only a few weeks, she said "want to express gratitude once again to you, the sessions speak to my soul and I can feel years of issues unravelling"


December, 2018

"Simply delicious"

I feel so ready for this and have been searching for the thing that brings it all together for me. It's this and it's simply delicious!


Pssst...Can we talk for a minute?

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It's time to start your Orbit amazing one!


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