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My Incredible Orbit

Stop Waiting - Start Living

Let's chat a moment..

How are you feeling these days?

Let's face it...This journey....Life...

It can be so darn hard, complicated and draining if you don't have the right tools and knowledge on board.

If you don't have someone to show you the way through it and back home to yourself.

If you don't have the solid grounded support team to anchor you while you heal and journey.

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My Incredible Orbit holds the space for you to journey into to yourself

in a nurturing and supportive way that gets you results.


"My wish is that, if you could just think "positive", that it would be enough to make everything better in your life and you would have the love, peace, relationships and riches of experiences that you deserve."

Positive thinking will help to a certain extent, but it doesn't get to the actual reasons of WHY you don't feel good, why your health is not thriving and why things are not working out the way you planned.


And it definitely does not give you the emotional and spiritual support you need if you really are going to find a bigger, brighter and more vibrant version of yourself.

In order to be happy, healthy, successful and to love your life, it takes more than just being good at meditating or exercising or practicing mindfulness,


You have to follow your soul’s calling.

It takes education + support.

That's exactly what the My Incredible Orbit Academy offers you

This 12 month immersion program sets you up in a Rocket..your very own vessel that belongs to a very special and supportive village. It points you in the right direction and gets you to where you want to go safely.


It also is made up of many different moving parts just like a rocket.

The Inspiring, Learning, Growing & Healing Playground
Grow your Life
Align your trajectory to what brings you bliss
Live & Love your life in the most incredible way

My Incredible Orbit
Is the best program of its kind out there, in fact there is no other that compares
Here's how...

It is crazy affordable and generous compared to what else is out there.

Online or face to face, you’re just not going to get this amount of huge value and support over a whole year anywhere else. Nadda, nope, none...It’s what I pride the village on.

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My Incredible Orbit is a growing, evolving and continuous education platform.

Striving along with you, standing both behind you, and at your finish line ready to pass you your flag of brilliance as you cross through.

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