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What I'm working through right now

Trust is what I'm working through right now.

Heart breaking trust issues.

I've met quite a lot of people over the years who know that I'm an integrated healthcare practitioner and instructor....and they are almost "shocked" when they find out that I'm working through something that's recently triggered me, that has made me sick or that I'm working through understanding the reasons why I feel a certain way about something.

It's almost like there is this perception that to "be" an integrated healthcare practitioner then you must have all your ducks in a row and your shit together.

I remember one lady years ago. I rang her myself one morning and said "I will need to reschedule your appointment this afternoon, I'm not well and needing to have test on my Thyroid to see what's going on. She was quite shocked and irate and said "I don't understand!" "Your a BodyTalker and your sick, I thought 'you people' weren't meant to get sick.....can't you heal yourself, isn't that what it's all about?"

Me: "It's fine that you feel that way, perhaps we could do a session based on you beliefs about that next time I see you.

I'm still seeing her regularly some 7 years later and she now sees things very differently.

Back to what I was talking about.................

But if I get a phone call from my doctor and her receptionist says "Jacquie, she is sick, I have to reschedule you". I'm like, "OK cool, let's do that"

In fact majority of people are like that aren't they? They know that doctors get sick and if they get sick or have an underlying disease then its not thought of in negative terms but just 'normal'.

There was this TV show years ago that I watched RPA (anything reality medical is where I'll have my eyes glued too) Prof Chris O'Brien, was this brain surgeon. So well known and seemingly so well liked. He had an aggressive brain cancer and in 2009 he passed from the disease. No one is shocked by this. No one says...."but how can he possibly get sick with brain cancer....he is a doctor of brain cancer, can't he fix himself?"

I didn't hear anyone say this or feel this way. Everyone was really compassionate, caring, empathetic and understanding, as you would expect. After all why would you blame him, or expect that he doesn't get brain cancer because he is a brain surgeon?

But when it comes to people who have decided to offer their lives, services and education to integrative healthcare there is such an enormous amount of judgement and criticism that I see.

A person practicing western medicine or a person practicing eastern medicine is the same. They are absolutely going to experience their own illnesses, accidents, injuries, diseases, anxiousness, PTSD from trauma etc...because they are having the human experience and not have that, means that we are going to get all spectrums of the rainbow...meaning all aspects of life's experiences no matter who you are or what you do.

So don't be shocked or think badly of your integrated healthcare provider if they say to you, I'm experiencing (-------) right now, or I'm working through (-----) right now.

It's a normal part of life and it's to be expected, this is what happens. We experience things and we are designed to work through and resolve them.

I really admire someone who can say that outloud and be OK with it.

And in my experience a practitioner who is firmly in the practice of looking at their current experience of depression, hormone imbalance, anxiety, gall bladder stones an imbalance of the whole bodymind that needs to be investigated and repaired, is a person who will work through it and not just address symptoms and apply band aid approaches.

So the next time you hear your integrated healthcare practitioner say in honesty....I'm working through Hashimoto's or issues around surrendering and letting go, etc......count that as a strength not a weakness. That's a practitioner I'm likely to work with, because they are showing through transparency, honesty and example that they are prepared to go deep and wade through what's causing them chaos.

Jacquie McIntyre- blog- What I'm working on right now.

In saying honesty for today is that I'm really working through trust right now.

  • Understanding it as a concept and a consciousness.

  • How I was taught to have a relationship with it.

  • How I trust myself.

  • How I trust or don't trust others.

  • What rules I have around trust...are they unreasonable or do I need clearer and former boundaries around trust.

  • Do I make this clear to people in my life?

  • And I'm looking at many events in my life and periods of time where my trust in self and others has become almost non existent.

Many of these experiences were really traumatic and the charge around them is high, and kicking off easily lately. I know it's not optimal (my current relationship with TRUST), because it doesn't feel healthy or make me happy, and the more that happens, the more I want to withdraw and preserve myself.

How am I doing this?

I'm totally following what feels right for me and what has worked well for me in the past.

Mostly with BodyTalk because it's gentle, so effective and I have access to fantastic practitioners who are supportive. Also some talk therapy when I intuit it's appropriate. I get massage (helps emotions and energetic releases to move through and out of the body). I use the Cortices technique when I get triggered by lack of trust. I journal lots, and use all forms of art as a creative way to explore what I'm working through and resolving. I do things that boost my immune system, I go to nature and sun absorb as much as I can. And I've got holidays scheduled in a few weeks because I need some serious RnR.

It's normal and OK for your therapist, practitioner and doctor to get sick and have issues that they are working on. It's important that you don't hold them on some imaginary pedestal and expect that they never have issues or get sick. And know that a practitioner who is willing to be open about it and work through it is someone you want on your side advocating for you.

Till next time, all my best.

Jacquie xxx

Jacquie McIntyre. My Incredible Orbit

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