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A recipe to writing those tough letter responses

From the Table is a series of conversational articles which have been birthed from the weeks treatments with Jacquie McIntyre- showcasing some interesting concepts and issues that people face in their journey to body and mind health and deep happiness. (all names have been changed)


I’ve had to write a lot of what I would call ‘tough letters’ over the years. You know the ones… they are the ones that are harder to write because it’s born from some event, situation, experience, emotion, expectation, or hurt (etc).

I think everyone at some stage has written and sent something in haste that they had wished they could retract and incinerate into the deepest volcano on the planet.

I’m going to say I have. I know I have but I can’t actually remember the last time I sent something off which I regretted later. It would be back in my early 20’s I would say... and I’m going to tell you why.

I developed a basic and super effective recipe for writing letters which are true to me, are authentically aligned with my innermost self and make it super easy to be able to say what I want to say with empathy and respect for self and the person receiving it. And I want you to be able to respond to something you receive that your proud of too.

First of all, it helped having a basic understanding that the whole bodymind works through this constant cycling process commonly referred to as the Meridians. It’s a 24 hour constant flow of energies that works through the bodymind each and everyday.

The brains (remember we have three; the head, heart & gut brains) are also set up to cycle and work through different stages of capabilities and functioning throughout the day. We are going to harness all this knowledge and give it structure.

OK… so there are 12 major meridians of the body, they each have a two hour block within your body’s 24 hour cycle where they are their most vibrant, expressive and productive.

Not only do these meridians come up ALL the time in client BodyTalk sessions but I use their personalities and the way in which they express themselves within my body to my advantage... Like writing the ‘tougher letters’.

I’m going to give you an example and show you how it plays out for me. Let’s pretend I have received an email from someone I know and in it are some things that have really pushed my buttons and upset me. Maybe my initial reaction would be to write back and respond to what they have said. I don’t do that...

Or maybe the email is just something a little bit challenging and you don't really know what to do about it. First of all I want you to remember that you don't have to respond straight away. It really is ok to let things sit for a while... in fact I think it's really important that you do this sometimes.

See, your body needs to go through this process of digestion and understanding. Which means you literally are taking the information in via the five senses and then starts to cycle throughout your body down to the digestive system (remember your digestive system doesn't just digest food it digests your experiences... the things that you hear, see, smell taste and touch). So in essence every single letter that you read needs to go through this digestion process.

Step one...

It’s ok to walk away and let it digest I very often ‘sleep on it’. I won't do anything about it that day at all. I know that by not responding, letting it digest will allow me to receive the information more deeply and in turn bring about clarity in my response. In nearly every case i will wake the next morning and the response will pop into my head. That alone will save you so much heartache.

Step two... After I have ‘slept on it’ I will pen a response during the early hours of the day... 5 a.m. to 7 a.m. This is the meridian of the large intestine. Just prior to this, the energy moves through the meridian of the lung which at its most vibrant and expressive runs from 3am to 5am.

The lung meridian is wonderful at being able to bring things to the surface and get in touch with it, especially the nuts and bolts of something that perhaps has some subconsciousness triggers. This lung meridian allows all to be brought to the surface and it prepares the information for the large intestine. The large intestine is then designed to let things go, literally...

So this beautiful sequence happens from 3 a.m. to 5 a.m. within the lung meridian and then moves onto the meridian of the large intestine everyday. By the time you wake up you usually have a greater sense of peace and clarity about what you want to say and how you want to write it.

Step three... After I have penned my letter/ response between 5-7 a.m. I then walk away and let it sit. This allows all this information to act like a good yeast activating in your bread and proofing on your kitchen bench (can ya tell I make my own bread?... YUM!)

That's because the energies within your bodymind are now cycling through the meridian of the stomach. And it is here that the intellect part of you gets in touch with and understands the whole situation more clearly again, at a deeper level. It processes through your emotions and creates a clearing for you to take in fully what has happened, understand what's behind it, and take action to move past it with ease.

Step four... I always find myself sending the letter off in the afternoon between 3 - 5 p.m. I come back during this time, re-read it and make any adjustments that don't feel right to me anymore. VERY OFTEN when I have re-read, there will be parts that I wrote that don’t feel like they belong in there anymore. That's when I will cut them out completely.

After this everything feels like it’s done and complete. There is definitely a sense of ease that you find yourself in. You'll feel like you have really processed well all of the information and just in a short space of time 24 hours.

The reason for doing it at this time is because the meridian of the bladder is at its highest functioning between 3 - 5 p.m. The bladder is all about letting go, taking those things that you were annoyed or peeved or pissed off about and literally letting it go. It now becomes a gentle process of understanding, having health boundaries and a sense of accomplishment.

Let’s recap...

1. Read it - Walk away - Sleep on it. Let it percolate and do it’s thing.

You do NOT need to respond right away.

2. Pen your entire and complete response between 5 - 7 a.m.

3. Leave it to ferment for the entire day, moving through the energies of the Stomach - Spleen - Heart and Small Intestine before making it to the Bladder.

4. Between 3 - 5 p.m. (Bladder meridian time) come back and re-read your response. Cut anything out that no longer feels like it belongs and make any other adjustments that feel right to you. Then send it.

5. The all important step now... walk away and leave it behind you. You have a life to live and you want to do that to your best ability as presently as you can.

I would love to hear how this works for you and shout out any questions you have!

Shine bright!

Jacquie xxx


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