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The time of year I HANG OUT for

Happy Monday + Christmas Eve everyone!

Undoubtedly one of my most favorite times of year. I go a bit mental...the closer it gets to the "big day" the earlier I wake up....5:05 am this morning..which isn't too bad I spose. All those memories as a kid, being in bed and literally vibrating, jumping up and down (one year I swear I saw Tinker Bell- did I ever tell you about that?)...all because I was so excited I couldn't sleep.

That's still me!

When the kids have all left home in years to come, I'll still be putting the tree up, hanging tinsel up everywhere, fairy lights from any corner I can hang them from...because Christmas is my vibe. It's built on happiness, love, gratitude, sharing and reflection....all my most favorite things. The year is so busy, and always so much the time it gets to November I'm like "Let's put the tree up" I need to be in the energy of Christmas because; ~ Christmas has a great energy vibe to me- I love it- will always love it! ~ It's my que to put fairy lights all up throughout the house. You can shower and poop under fairy lights in my house! ~ The kids...I go all mushy seeing the kids all excited- racing around the yard, making water slides out of black plastic in the yard. Being exhausted at night and curling up to watch a movie but never making it to the end. ~ My eldest- Corey is away overseas this Christmas having a white Christmas- living his dream. My daughter Abbey and my nephews are here at our house in what will end up being 10 people we host this year. ~ People....People coming together and being grateful that they are in your life. And that's how I feel about all of you! I am super grateful that you are still here. That in some way shape or form we have had touching, insightful and happy times.

I celebrated 12 years in practice this year..and it's still not lost on me what an important role that is. Gosh did I learn a lot this year! I have facilitated a lot of sessions in the rush up to Christmas (today is my last day for a while) a lot of it was in relation to old Christmas memories. Being triggered about what you don't have, do have, will be "missing out on" and have no control over (other people). And I is a great time to remember that you are the one writing this chapter in your life's story book. Make it like you want it. Don't let someone else write a chapter in your book that you DO not want.

I'll be back in to see you all before the new year starts to share with you what an epic year it has been, what I have learnt, loved, read, travelled, observed and how I wind down the year in review and set some clear intents for the upcoming year. Simple stuff. Nothing you're going to feel that you need a degree for. One of my mottos is "Keep it simple" so simple it will be! In the meantime...from my family to yours, I wish that you remember how special you are. That you remember how to hold your space in a loving and respectful way. That you remember to balance your output with your input and say YES to receiving.


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