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Attention to Intention

The power of vision boards and how they manifest your reality with very profound results.

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Get ready...you're going to,

  • Get the step by step protocol that allows you to build a vision board with intention.

  • Learn proven techniques that give you the tools to achieve clarity, enthusiasm and balance with your dreams and goals.

  • Create rapid results manifesting your truest desires.

  • Re-access, Re-define and Re-focus what it is that you truly want.

  • Address limiting beliefs that sabotage your ability to achieve your goals

Tell me more

The finer details


Your lounge room- It's self paced, so take your time. 


On demand- Allow for approx 2.5 hours of great information, tips & tools.

Will I need anything?:

A pen and something to write on, you may want to take notes.

What's my VIP price?: 

Massively discounted to $37 not $250

NB: My Incredible Orbit village members- do not sign up for this course. It is part of your membership. Let us know if you need help finding it in your membership.

Do I get anything else?:

How did you know...yes of course! You will also get a step by step handout that takes you through the same protocol I will be teaching you, so you can do it again later for yourself.

The beauty and power of vision boards

Manifesting your goals through clear intention...

A vision board or collage board is a tool used to help you clarify, concentrate and maintain focus on a specific life goal.

It becomes what you are wanting to manifest and happen for you right now...and they have been used by people for many years.

I am going to take you through a very deliberate set of steps and techniques that allow you to focus and address any blockages or belief systems that come up for you in the process.

Your mind is a collection of experiences, beliefs, attitudes and behaviours that, a lot of the time, sabotage and hold you back from living your BLISS.

Are you one of the millions of people who have spent time in the past, cutting out all these amazing images and words, sticking them on your vision board, and then wondering why none of your goals manifested?

It's because you haven't gained the tools or the understanding of the mechanics of manifestation, which is the first step, the second step is to then deeply integrated that knowledge into wisdom.

In this short course, you will get this!...you will understand this, and you will turn it into your wisdom.


I loved this course so much. I thought my goal was way out there, but in 3 months it all unfolded and really happened.


I have spent so long just sticking pictures and words on a piece of cardboard, only to wonder why it never did anything. This is why, I had no protocol and no understanding of what to do, thank you.


I'm so happy, I can't wait to do my next one... well, after this one helps me achieve my goal of course


What else will I learn?

Learn about the normal and subtle aspects of your 5/6 senses and why they are so important to clear goal setting and manifesting what you deeply desire.

Understand how your five senses relate to manifestation and your ability to be able to achieve what it is that your heart desires.

Learn about the left and right hemispheres of your brain and why I place special focus on them in this workshop, and you need to know it!

Connect to universal consciousness via the 3 bodys brains.

Understand your intuition, how it works and anchor into it.

Release emotional patterns that stop you from moving forward and achieving your heart's desires. 

Frequently asked questions

After I sign up will I get sent the workshop?

Yes absolutely, and it's self paced. You have access to the workshop for the life of it and you...that's a lot of visions you can create!

Is there any 'take home' things that I can do after the workshop to help me make a vision board again in the future?

Oh yes!, You're going to get tonnes of resource information in the form of a handout. It's a step by step walk through of the protocol. You can print them and use again. It will show you what you need to do to build your very own powerful vision board in the future on your own.

Is there any after course support, if I have any questions?

Absolutely, there are a few actually. Our support email is info@jacquiemcintyre.com you can reach our helpful team here. I also encourage you to connect with me online where you can ask me any questions that come up for you after the course. Connect with me on Instagram HERE

How is this different to other vision board courses?

In years gone by, the usual method of just cutting out pictures and words that 'mean something to you' and pasting them all on a piece of cardboard in a desperate hope that they will instantly shout out messages of hope and desire to the universe, and the universe will respond by manifesting it for you on a shiny golden platter and handing it to you are GONE!

You need to not only understand how this all works, but a proven, solid and structured step by step protocol on how to build a vision board, what to put on there...in what order and using the specific sensory methods that I teach you. That is how you come into alignment with your goal. And that's how you get results.

Let's go...

Take this journey with me,

You will be so glad you did.

OK...Are you ready to start?

Your just a few clickety clicks away

After enrolment you will be directed straight to your course.

Be sure to bookmark the page so you can come back to it again.


Jacquie will send you a private email invitation to join her at all A2I live workshops. She holds these once or twice a year, where she takes you through the whole A2I building process...helping you build your own goals that will manifest your reality.