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I have a psychologist and I'm going to share why...

From the Table is a series of conversational articles which have been birthed from the weeks treatments with Jacquie McIntyre- showcasing some interesting concepts and issues that people face in their journey to body and mind health and deep happiness. (all names have been changed)


How many of you can honestly put your hand up in the air and say that you have the right team and resources for you, rallied around you right now or you can get access to them when you need?

Majority of people I have seen over the years don’t… not even close.

What do I mean by team?

I mean a team of resources that support your entire bodymind, no matter what is going on for you in your world. These can consist of people, things, tools, activities, places, smells, sights, sounds etc, potentially anything really.

I call it a resource list, and your resource list needs to be a deliberately structured and easily accessible to you.

The Cortices technique that I teach everyone, is one of the resources I have on my personal list, and the reason why I’m bringing it up is because it’s a great one to use as an example.

You see people come to me, learn how to balance the regions and circulation of their brain by doing the Cortices technique daily...

they go home and start doing it, feeling wonderful after their BodyTalk treatments and doing Cortices so regularly, but when they start to feel good again they stop doing it.

However when something happens like they get sick, they come back to see me and I’ll ask them, “are you tapping out your Cortices?” and nearly 100% of the time they will remember that it was there as one of their resources the whole time but they had clean forgotten about it.

In April of this year I was at a crossroads... I was not feeling so great about somethings that I had experienced late last year which had also triggered some much older stuff that I didn't know was there and I was trying to understand it so that I could: 1. Move on from it and 2. Turn the knowledge that I get from the experiences into Wisdom...

Every experience is a learning experience. Learn from it and then move on.

...Psst: This is exactly what we are working on in this months series of sessions in the MIO village. And how as individuals they can gather the knowledge they have collected from these life experiences and turn it into wisdom and guidance for themselves and people around them.

I had worked through the issues to the depths of my abilities, I had used most of the resources I had on my list and it still hasn't budged. For those of you that don’t know me so well, I’m a single parent and I realised what I needed was a set of good ears that could provide me what what I wanted.

You see I value conversation so highly, I love at times to be able to verbally belt things out. If I have the right person on the listening end I can get clarity on whatever issue it is that I’m working through, usually in just a few minutes. And it’s an incredible feeling.

So here I was, not currently in a relationship so no one to debrief with at home, and I knew in my heart that this piece I was dealing with was a huge one, life changing if I could do it right. So having the right person was crucial to me.

I sat with it for 24 hours and realised I needed a psychologist, not just any though, I needed to find the right one.

Because I was super clear on who I needed and what I needed them for, it all fell into place very quickly. I saw an advertisement for a psychologist on the counter of a medical place I was in just a few days later and he felt intuitively like he could be the right person for me. I rang up immediately, got an appointment and hear is what happened.

I walked into the room and watched and felt the way he engaged with me.

Check !

I said to him “Hi *Don*, I’m needing to work through something very specific and I need someone who can listen to what I’m saying and pick the words out of my conversation that need to be explored. If you can take that and lead me from where I’m currently at point A and guide me through to point B where I’m clear about what I’ve been trying to work through and I know what I want to do about it in moving forward then you and I are going to be a good match”

And he smile and said, “well it seems that I am being interviewed and I like it! What are we working on?”

He was a great fit for me, he recognised the words that triggered me and lead me down the path that had a really nice ending. Because we were both really clear with one another I myself was able to become clear and resolved in a short amount of time, plus I was able to recognise some other things that helped me to grow in other ways too.

Once I felt that the reason I sought him for was resolved I told him that I wouldn't be coming back to see him for this anymore. But I’d like to keep him as part of my resource team and if I ever need to wade my way through something in the future I would probably be back.

Your resource list needs to contain ANYTHING that can potentially serve to help you with what you have currently going on. It’s a assist in the balance and harmony of your entire body-mind- soul- spirit complex.

This is a physical list...not a “in your imagination list”

Here is a quick view of a small number if my resources I can access if needed:

Psychologist- haha!


Cortices technique

Breathing techniques



Sleep/ Nap


Zen Chi machine


Eat lots of Greens



Watch a movie

(I have lots more)

And I want to give you another example, I have seen a lot of teens this year who have been experiencing a huge amount of symptoms like depression and anxiety. This concept of building yourself a resource list that you can intuitively plug into and access when you need comes up ALL THE TIME. Not just for them but for everyone of all ages.

A teen girl experiencing significant anxiety had a few BodyTalk sessions with me- in her last one she had to add to her resource list (she was in the process of putting it together) a specific smell, it was a candle that smells of Caramel and was a specific brand.

She got one, it lives it in her personal space where even unlit the smell from the candle is so beautifully intoxicating to her brain and nervous system that she has reported that she “Loves it” and that her anxiety has gone.

Mission achieved!

That is a resource...It’s something she has access to that she can manage and has a wonderful direct effect on her current state of wellbeing.

The creative in me makes building my ‘Resource List’ a fun and colourful process. I have hand drawn and painted them previously, or done them up using the free online program called Canva ( Either way it’s really important that you actually build it and put it into some kind of a list or thing that can go onto your wall. You also need to be able to take a photo of it so you can save it to your other devices.

If life goes pear shaped (it will) then you have your very own personal resource list that works for you right there at your fingertips....

And lastly, how do I pick from my list?

You might have 20+ things on your list that are a potential resource that you can use and you want to know what is the right one to use in that moment?

I ask my gut or another way to say that is I follow my gut.

Sometimes I will know immediately what it is that I need to do off my list, other times I’ll stand in front of it and go through them one by one. I will say it out loud- almost as if I’m asking the question...I’ll say “Psychologist?” and then wait for the feeling in my gut brain (area of small intestines) it will either be the feeling of Yes!!!! Or No :-(((((

I follow that without hesitation.

The more you do that the easier it will be to know immediately if the internal guidance is a yes or no and put it into action. Give it a try and start practicing today.

And start building your ‘Resource List’ today is truly is one of the best things you could do for your relationship with yourself.

It’s an act of self Love.

I would love to see your new personal resource list! Thanks for joining me on this journey and I'm glad you're here with me.

Shine bright!

Jacquie xxx


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Knowledge sharer, wisdom bringer, light shiner and fierce supporter of you and your animals journey. Through private treatment sessions, seminars and workshops based in integrated consciousness healthcare, getting you the powerful results you so deeply desire. Jacquie advocates for peoples potential, she shares her knowledge in all things healthcare, consciousness and business whilst inspiring people to be the most exceptional version of themselves that they can possibly be.

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