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Video- It's change of Seasons Time. You'll get sick! Is that True???

Hello amazing human!

In this weeks vlog I talk about the many things to do with how the change of seasons each and every single time it happens, affects the body...Yes you too!

And seeing as though we are in this process right now and I'm seeing the same things I saw last change of season, it seemed time to jump in undies and all.

Everything from what I see in clinic daily, the big aspects that really affect people and what you can do right now. There's so much in this video I laid it out in some rough bullet points. Because bullet points make my life easier every day. Do you love a good bullet point list too?

  • What does your Immune and Microbiome systems do each and every change of seasons?

  • How will you experience this?

  • Are symptoms a bad thing or sign of illness?

  • What you can do to support yourself

  • What often happens when someone doesn't connect in with what their body is trying to achieve and they miss all the ques?

  • What happens when you attach yourself to an experience of symptoms that your having and assume automatically that it's the start of a much bigger illness process coming..... AND.... you say out loud to someone (or in your own minds eye) "I AM........." (the sickness I believe I am getting)?

  • It's a belief system within you that tells you, you'll get sick because someone else in your family is sick.

  • Can you manifest illness?

  • Why do people often get sick when they go on holidays?

Enjoy todays edition of From the Table.



About Jacquie...

Jacquie's a life journier and it's seen her

grow and build an eclectic mix of abilities, interests and artistry's that

stemmed from her heart connection to the animal kingdom as a child, her deep fascination for human and animal psychology, mashed into that was her ever present love affair with all forms of creativity. ​

She knows all to well that it's impossible to neatly fit us into boxes, nor do the labels fit the true sentience of who we are. And that's why she has integrated her blend of integrative medicine, whole healthcare, community and creativity to this very space. If your willing to dive in with her, prepare to be loved and supported while you embark on this incredible return journey to self.

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