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Understanding & Healing Judgement & Projection


This is a huge FREE Webinar Series ...It will help you to soar into freedom, away from the trappings and feelings of Judgement and projection.

It's all about giving you the tools and resources to shift you out of judgement or projection and into a space of awareness, acceptance and love.

I'm really excited to lead you through this Judgement and Projection series of free webinars that was recently recorded live on facebook- you now have unlimited access, so that you can understand it better. Start to wrap your mind around how it generates within you, where it comes from and how to change it.

Clients and students... when I take them through this, they start to have a very different understanding of not only how judgement and projection works within them but then automatically within other people as well and you start to really become empowered by knowing the finer working pieces to it.

For many people it really changes the way that they view it within themselves and feel about in relation to others who do it.

I find so often that people become far less judgmental towards a person who was being judgmental towards them, because now they are powered by understanding and clarity. They understand more about where this comes from and it also means that they then can stop taking it personally.

I invite you to watch all five webinars-

each flows easily into the next.

And be sure to download your free e-book

Healing Judgement with Eight Powerful Tools and Resources


Week 1

Week 2:

Week 3:

Week 4:

Week 5:

Jacquie xx


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About Jacquie...

Knowledge sharer, wisdom bringer, light shiner and fierce supporter of you and your journey.

Jacquie advocates for people's potential, and the return journey to Self- she shares her knowledge in all things healthcare, consciousness and body psychology whilst inspiring people to be the most exceptional version of themselves that they can possibly be.

Through private treatment sessions, seminars, workshops based in integrated consciousness healthcare and founder of the My Incredible Orbit community that gets you the powerful results you so deeply desire.

Consciousness based healthcare, where the best version of you and your journey towards a sensational life awaits you.

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