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Question everything- you don't need permission.

Question everything, you don't need permission. Jacquie McIntyre Blog

This might just be one of the most important things you realize.

You don't need my don't need anyone's permission actually, to question everything that you have been lead to believe about yourself and others.

If your find yourself thinking "I'll never get that" or "that's way out of my league" or "I'm not smart enough" then I want you to know that it is your human right to say "Really?...really is that true? because it does not feel right to me, it's not nurturing or kind of me to think that of attack myself or be poisoned by these beliefs".

You don't need permission from anyone to challenge what you have been told to believe about yourself or your situation.

I say to my kids all the time when they say something unkind about themselves, or doubt themself or even when they are struggling through something..."Really? is that your truth?... do you want to take that forward with you for the rest of your life?...Do you want to own that! so that it brings forth within you restriction, pain and hurt?"

"No I don't", is often their reply, and it's enough that they reassess the belief.

I'm consciously aware that I'm not wanting to try and impose my beliefs on them.

I work at it consistently, that I'm not telling them who they are or what their capabilities are. I do encourage them to challenge what they have been lead to believe about themselves and ask "Is that my truth?". You don't need anyone's permission to question the crap out of it, challenge it and reset your feelings with what is in alignment for YOU.

Tomorrow is "R U OK" day.

Everyday is ARE YOU OK DAY? for me. It's not only in my nature to be highly attuned to a persons or animals wellbeing, to notice very subtly when they are not OK...but I have also chosen to do this as my career, it is my purpose and I love it.

And one of the things that I know as my truth and yours is that your not what you have been lead to believe, you are so much more. And part of my service is showing you how to get to that space and time in your life where you damn well know who the heck you are, and your lovin it to bitzs!

I want you to thrive, I want you to smash through your limiting beliefs and realise who you are behind all of that. Because I can see it, and I want you to be able to see it too.

This next bit is important, so keep reading...

Do you know how many times I've done initial consultations and follow up sessions over the years with a person for me to listen to them say things about themselves like;

(I've written thousands of these down, these are just a few)

  • "I've been told this is permanent, this is the way it's going to be for me"

  • "He told me I'll feel like this forever, I just have to find a way to cope with it"

  • "I know I'll have anxiety forever, I've accepted that"

  • "Depression runs in my family that's just the way it is for me"

  • "I'm struggling with my anxiety"

  • "I'm struggling with my depression"

  • "I just have to find a way to be ok with the fact that this is what it is going to be like for me forever, but I'm struggling"

  • "Can you just give me some ways to cope, because I'm drowning here"

  • "My anxiety is bad today I don't know how to deal with this?

  • "I'm so scared of my depression coming back again"

  • "I've been told that the depression will likely return"

  • "I've been told that the depression can get worse the longer it goes on and that scares the crap out of me"

Do you notice any common thought processes coming up here? some of them are very subtle so let me point them out.

Ownership: Don't take ownership of any experience. Once a person takes on something and owns it like "my anxiety, your anxiety, my depression, your depression. Your setting yourself up to have a relationship with whatever it is that you have owned to be yours forever. Meaning you will find it difficult to separate yourself from it when your claiming it's yours.

Regurgitation: All of these beautiful people are regurgitating what they have been told to believe about themselves. In 95% of these cases there was absolutely NO questioning if it was true or challenging those beliefs that were thrown upon them. Why? most people are not taught to do that, not question or challenge. But right now I'm telling you that you can, and you will love it when you do. Go ahead, start questioning things more, don't accept it.

Confusion: Nearly everyone who comes to me is super confused about whats true and what's not. They are confused within themselves to know what they can achieve, what can be changed, what can be repaired and what can be rebuilt.

Defeat: All of these amazing people are in a process of defeat, some more than others. They have utterly believed that this is there truth, their experience of themselves and what life is going to be like for them. Often they come not because they feel that they can get well, but that they are defeated and want to cope with it better.

How utterly sad is that. Do I Accept that?...No Way hosay. I'm a truth sayer, and you deserve better than that!

So...what I have been hearing a lot of in the past few months is people talking about the depression, anxiety and suicide thoughts/attempts that they or other people may be having. Especially in the lead up to R U OK day.

I'm also hearing of people just talking in general on social media, not to anyone specifically but to the general masses. And they are saying things like...

"Once you have depression, it's with you forever, but you can be strong and fight it"


When a person takes that on as their truth, they are being set up for a life of 'fighting for life'., 'fighting to live', 'fighting for breath', fighting within themselves'... Never getting out of, or repairing from this experience of depression. They will be fighting it all of their life. Why? Because they have been told that is the way it is, often hearing it echoed many times over by different people and they didn't challenge or question it.

I can tell you from my own personal understanding of recovering and rebuilding completely after these experiences, I would never take ownership of depression or anxiety. It's an experience, it's not final and it's not indicative of mine or anyones destiny.

I do not accept that as my truth.

And I can tell you with absolute pleasure that there have been thousands upon thousands of people who have had these experiences, repairded, rebuilt and become a strong force.

It has at times taken them to their darkest of the edge of the cliff and the long drop what felt like the final few hours of their life, to the tightrope that is at risk of breaking, to the blackness that sits at the bottom of that hole that they are in.

And I can tell you that they decided not to take ownership of "I have depression", "my anxiety", instead they realised that they are experiences of intense emotions and started questioning and challenging everything.

Asking "Really? that my truth?, do I want to take that on and have it be my existence?"

They realised that they are now on the journey to repairing themselves..their body that has not been well, the emotional and psychological self and the spiritual part of them.

It is possible to repair and it is possible to completely rebuild yourself and get to a place where you are thriving not just surviving.

Thousands of people have cast off the identity of "I'll always be...(insert what it is that you believe about yourself)" and have rebuilt into this amazing version of themselves.

Please don't let anyone tell you this is your life, that you have to find a way to cope...It's simply not your truth.

You are the one who decides what you will accept and what feels right for you. Point your nose in the direction of your true north and march to beat of your own drum.


It just so happens that I'm about to start running a powerful series of group BodyTalk sessions based upon 'Busting Beliefs'- this is your time... especially the limiting kind that really muck you up that we have just been speaking about.

MIO September series of sessions
MIO's September series of sessions is all about Busting Beliefs that hold you back and hinder you having an amazing life.

Check out the overview of it here...

This is one of the ways that I help people to repair and rebuild- it's what I'm great at.

The community in My Incredible Orbit will be joining me for these sessions as they always do, and together we will be challenging what's not true and rewriting it.

Sounds brilliant doesn't it!

You can join us too, that's totally possible. It's a community that anyone can enrol in and for the time being, it's still open for enrolments 24 hours a day.

Consider it the tourist route back to self, because it's so easy, there is no pressure, it's go at your own pace, pure pleasure, entertaining and a highly growing and evolving experience for you.

My Incredible Orbit login to the members portal
My Incredible Orbit login to the members portal

Everyone who has been part of MIO (My Incredible Orbit) has loved it and everything it's offered them!

99% of members re-enrol year after year, the proof that it works is in that number.

It's a year long immersion program, where you get a full year (not 5 days or 2 weeks) but a full orbit around the sun to meander through the whole program and receive 12 series of themed sessions from ME, that address your entire body-mind complex and the effect that your psychology, your life and environment has on your whole health. The 12 series of sessions look at all areas of your bodymind health, life, family, relationships, work, career, money, sexuality, ancestral stories and wounds...the list goes on and on.

>>> That's 36 live sessions over the year + a huge library of past group sessions to dive into + a library of courses, workshops & webinars + a library of free resource tools such as e-books, checklists, handouts etc + regular coaching sessions with me every month + a supportive online Facebook community to assist you along the way. They really are an amazing bunch of people.

The TOTAL VALUE of your My Incredible Orbit membership is $10,100 but you get it for a fraction of that price, because I want to you be able to join us.

Enrol today and you will get instant access to the whole membership + you'll be added to my upcoming live training Attention to Intention course intensive. This will be only offered to My Incredible Orbit members only. It will not be open to the general public.

That's an added valued of $250

My Incredible Orbit members portal
My Incredible Orbit's members portal awaits YOU

The A2I course has been one of the most popular over the years and the one I get asked to teach the most, because it's fun, insightful, packed with Ah Ha moments and offered in a simplified and structure way so that you can develop a vision board that actually works and manifests your goals every time.

A2I course with Jacquie McIntyre
Do A2I Live with Jacquie online in the comfort of your own home

You can enroll in MIO for as little as $135 today or save more $$$ and pick a payment option that suits you... and you still get the bonus private Attention to Intention live workshop with ME coming up soon.

This offer is limited, it will go away in a few days and the bonus will no longer be available

I really want to help you, and I do what I do because I love it deeply, I appreciate you and I'm good at what I do.

Life is very short in the overall scheme of things, don't let this time slip you by.

This is your time, you DO deserve it! and you are going to repair and rebuild.

When you enrol in the next 48 hours you will join me live in my private online session room for the first of the 3 sessions in this upcoming

September series of 'Busting Beliefs'.

I really hope you join me, I sure would love to see you there and remember...I believe in you and I know your worth.


Jacquie xxx

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