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Inflammatory Calming Capsules

inflammatory calming capsules- Blog. Jacquie McIntyre

I've got a ripper health recipe for you this week.

I adore growing food, it literally feels like Christmas to me when I can go out to the garden late afternoon, pull out rainbow carrots and whip up dinner 30 minutes later. It's one of my ultimate experiences of happiness.

The further I've journeyed into what we can do to support ourselves in our health and consciousness being as vibrant and healthy as possible... the more fun I've had. And that brings me to these Inflammatory Calming Capsules, that you can totally do yourself if it vibes with you.

You can go to your trusted grocer and buy these ingredients or you can grow them, depending on where you live. Just make sure they're good quality, it matters a lot.

I live in a subtropical climate (Wide Bay region, Queensland, Australia) so I can grow all of these ingredients at home. About 5 years ago I decided to trial an experiment growing food in big pot plants and it was a huge success, so I continued and grew much of our vegies and herbs. One of my joys was growing ginger and turmeric.

They are known for having loads of powerful supportive benefits for the body, so last year I decided to invest in a dehydrator and... well... I started dehydrating the ginger and turmeric as well as nearly anything else I could get my hands on. I love that machine and the smells that permeate the home when your in drying mode.

I'm yet to grow black peppercorns, it's on my 100 Things to do this year list, so it's in manifestation stage lets say.

Ginger, Pepper, Turmeric powder. Jacquie McIntyre

I sourced some good quality black peppercorns (not grown with pesticides/herbicides/ none GMP etc) ground them up in my wee coffee grinder, along with the dried ginger and turmeric and parcelled them up myself into capsules.

You can find capsules easy enough these days ( I usually buy vegie capsules) I so love this idea of DIY because I know exactly what I'm putting in them, how much of a dosage I'm giving myself of anything... but most of all, I love that I can combine ingredients into them, according to what my bodies needs are at the time, such as these capsules of Love that help calm inflammation.


Are they going to totally "fix" the inflammation? NO. Plants are medicine and powerful resource tools, but we are more than just anatomy and physiology.

You always need to get to the root cause of what's presenting if you want healing across all levels of your body mind complex, I can't emphasis that enough.

Any dis-ease process is always occurring because of multiple stressors, imbalances, miscommunications and other unique driving factors, so investigation is important.... but it helps enormously to bring these powerful support measures in, such as DIY Capsules to help you heal simultaneously as your investigating the cause.

So in a case like this I'll make them up as I need, usually 50 or more at a time. I'll combine taking them with my first meal of the day, depending on what the "issue" is.

I always bring in other resource tools such as the Access techniques, because they only take 12ish minutes a day to do them all and they are so effective at bringing the body back into better functioning and balance. I can easily fit them in of a morning.

I might meditate in my Mindscape workshop on the inflammation and see what it wants to show me, there's always a story about why its manifesting the way it is.

I will usually get a BodyTalk Session done because it's my go to for everything and any other modality or resource that intuitively feels right for me.

The point is, I will combine plant medicine with any other tools I need to bring about healing. It doesn't matter if its inflammation or something else entirely different.

What your going to do

  • You'll need powered herbs of Ginger, Turmeric and Black Pepper.

  • Capsules just click together with your fingers easily, you can also buy small machines that help you fill and close many at the same time if that's your jam.

  • I purchase 00 size capsules, check them out and get the ones you like.

  • 00 Size works out to hold approximately 700 mg each.

  • Depending on if your taking these as a daily maintenance to help keep the balance of your health, or if you have significant inflammation occurring, this will determine how many you take and at what frequency you take them.

  • If I were to have significant inflammation I would take two capsules, 3 to 6 times throughout the day.

  • I personally do this with food. I do much better at assimilating the contents when my digestive system is actively engaged in the process of digesting so it can pull the nutrients out and use them most effectively. Without a small amount of food in my belly, I sometimes get queasy depending on the ingredients. You do you and what works for you, follow your intuition.

Above all, just have fun with this. This Earth journey is meant to be where you adventure all over, try new things, learn from experiences, evolve your consciousness, LOVE and give things a go. Be willing with a big open heart to try new things. I'd love to know if you give these a go.

Pin or download the recipe

Inflammatory Calming Capsules

Till next time friends,

Live life on your own terms

Jacquie xx


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