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Exhaustion and Burnout- The why's and How's to Strengthening, Repairing and Rebuilding from it.

Save yourself the argument

Want some help healing exhaustion and burnout?

Sleep, Rest & Naps are a big part of your solution to healing exhaustion & burnout.

In this series of Free webinars I discussed the reasons, effects and solutions to something that so many people are in- Exhaustion and Burnout.

I cover how rest, sleep and naps are a huge and necessary part of the repair and rebuilding process. Without it, it can so often seem that the struggle is long and hard.

We look at why people don't do that- rest or nap and what that really means for you if your one of them. It's all about your taught belief systems, boundaries and perceptions of naps and rest.

I'll also give you some tips, tools and resources to take away with you to help you right now- Most of that is in the jam packed guide for download below.

Exhaustion and Burnout is in fact a huge jigsaw puzzle unique to you and your life's story.

But one of the biggest things that can help you right now today is knowing the role that sleep/ rest and naps provide you.

And if you have ANY questions at all, put them in the comments and I'll come back and answer them for you. Sit back and enjoy your time.

Episode 1:


Episode 2:


Episode 3:

Save yourself the argument

Download the FREE Guide now

Sleep, Rest & Naps your solution to healing exhaustion & burnout!

Get it HERE

Jacquie xx


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