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A two week Adventure, three Locations, leaving Home is the hard part and so many Lessons...

Log One- How do I navigate the stress?

For reasons that are becoming clearer to me the more that I journey into it, my levels of anxiousness have been rising dramatically prior to going on trips this past few years, it gets more intense as time goes by.

I think some of it is because, for most of my 11 year career in integrated healthcare and business, I have been a solo Mum, animal friend and business owner...and there is always that element for me of that feeling like I have forgotten something, or messed something up to do with the kids and their schooling while I'm away.

Despite my lists and phone memos to myself "umm note to self...."Self, don't forget to pack the neck pillow thingie for the plane", for some reason the levels of something feeling like it wants to launch itself from the inside of my chest and break free, grows bigger and bigger each time I pack up and leave.

And I know so many of you have also experienced this deep worry and anxiousness that doesn't seem to have an origin...but we know it does always does. And if what you have been doing to solve or resolve an issue hasn't worked in the past, do something different, maybe something radically different...this is my different, writing about it, out loud.

This time, I have been asked by a few clients and students if I could blog my adventure of travelling, teaching, doing sessions and introducing you to the wonderful people and animals I meet.

And I know from experience when I speak a problem such as the anxiousness I experience when leaving to teach...'out loud', I always gain a lot of insight and usually find the clarity or resolution I needed. Plus it's a sensational way to have something that is being held inside you, be able to find a way to be free and purge it's self from you.

So here we go, Ill be checking in super regular between now and when I arrive back home again. The journey here starts at home where I live, in Gympie, Queensland Australia.

I am about to embark on a journey to Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Japan over the course of two weeks teaching courses, facilitating sessions, presenting and doing free public lectures, I know it's going to be a lot of fun full of very rich and blessing experiences.

If your in any of these areas, come on down, say G-Day, book in for a session and join us if you like...I know we have space left at our location in our KL BodyTalk Access for Animals and People course still.

Looking at the same stars

All my best

Jacquie xxx


Log Two- Big lessons

April 27th, 2017

There are a few ways that I try to work through things that are challenging me, such as the huge feelings of dread, triggered by the later stages of organising the trip, packing and leaving my home and city where I live

One: My first and foremost thing I always do, because it works so effectively is by getting a colleague to do a healing BodyTalk Session for me.....or two...or three ha ha. This way, I know we are always addressing the core underlying causative factors that give rise to the experiences.

Two: I do the technique many times a day, that is designed to profoundly influence the function of the Brain and Nervous System by rebooting it...Cortices.

Three: I sometimes talk to a close friend or family member about it, journal, and write up clear and concise 'to do' lists, so that the thoughts and 'to do's' inside of me, get a place outside of me, on a note pad....that way I'm not getting blocked up with all those consuming feelings.

Four: I even mixed Art therapy with a new list this time....when I travel for work, I always have a huge list of things that I must take with me...some of them if I forget to take, would cause pretty significant issues at the other end, so it's important that I remember to take it all.

I decided to design a list to print out and laminate, so I could scribble all over it with a erasable marker. But I wanted the process of packing and bringing together things much needed for the courses to be a visually and action orientated experience.

So I spent an afternoon with my watercolors and art book, painting this page with the intention that its going to be used as the backing in which my list will be stuck to and laminated. What I ended up with is a really beautiful piece of art work that is functional as well...and I love it!

I was wanting to create any opportunity that I could that would invoke JOY and a feeling of YES!!!

It did worked!!! I needed so badly that expressive and creative part of me to help deal with the things that I feel are monotonous and or huge things.

Five: The other thing I did a few times, was to take a step back out of the whole situation. (I'm going to be teaching you how to be able to do this in the near future) I do this in my imagination...

See (visualize) myself in the situation I am in now, and then I take a big step back out of it, so that I can then view it from the outside...which gives me different perspectives and vantage points. It allows me to be able to see the other end where I'm going....I can actually project myself into the future and see myself at the other end.

In doing this I know...because I can 'see' it very clearly in my imagination that it all works out fine, and because it feels and looks successful, then I know it will this right now, in this present time, brings me an enormous amount of comfort and peace, because it validates the fact that the stress and tension I am experiencing now, is pointless because it all works out great at the other end!

Six: The other thing that I am really working on not only incorporating more of into my life, but embodying completely is more of a Meh! approach to the little stuff, and in turn, it will turn the seemingly 'big' stuff into little stuff.

You know....Meh! yes? .....Pretend someone has just come to you and said...."The sand on the beach is going to be dyed pink tonight by the evil pigeons who were feed cotton candy at the school will get washed out in the morning and dye the ocean Pink!!!! Don't you care!!!!!??????....Don't you care??? *best shrieking voice ever*

Well I could go into a pink fit about that, and get really upset, have a melt down as to how I can stop that from happening and save the ocean from turning pink...or...

Insert a *Shrug of the shoulders* and a big old Meh! and you have , non attachment. A general lack of not feeling any draw to getting involved with that, or the realization that it does not influence you in any way...or better's not worth getting upset about, in fact there is nothing to be upset's ok for the ocean to temporarily turn pink.

"Meh" means you respond differently, instead of being triggered and reacting, you observe and notice a feeling of being neutral.

So when the feelings or thoughts start to arise of dread, panic, worry or doubt about forgetting something, leaving home, something bad happening and never seeing the kids again...what ever it is...I put on my best movie stars performers hat and transform into a Meh!

I have made huge leaps forward in having less anxiety this week...lets see how that continues as the days creep closer to leaving. Ready to Fly!

Ready to Fly into freedom

Jacquie xxx


Log Three- Change it up!

May 1st, 2017

Gympie - Gold Coast - Singapore.......

Not only did I leave the house without crying all the way to the first town, but I feIt really empowered and calm leaving town....I had another BodyTalk Session a few days ago which was sensational and gave me a lot of insight as to why this pattern keeps surfacing...(Thanks Marilynne xx)

I had also finished packing a few days ahead of time which is something new to me, thanks to my fancy new artsy list that I love so much.

Although talking about it....writing about it, has added the best advantages for me.....It was my one big thing that I did really differently and integrated into all other things that I normally do....I blogged and journal-ed... it worked wonders, because everyone who read it then became part of my healing experience. That's the beauty of tapping into the collective power of groups. If you have been facing something and your getting the same results, feeling the have to try something different. Showing up and expecting different without changing anything will not give you different outcomes.

And for something else really different, I decided to fly out of a place I normally wouldn't, in a city I dont usually stay at. Really, this whole trip for me in large is shaping up to be a whole lotta first times and new experiences for me.

Going away for an extended period of time and grouping multiple events at the same time is not something I normally do, and I want to know what that is going to be like, if I can maintain the balance for myself while away. And how my body responds to the lifestyle and workload. I'm also working with people and in locations I have never been to before...lot's of firsts which is kinda exciting.

So, I found myself in this really cute 1970's re-vamped motel on the Gold Coast last night, and apart from some fellow neighboring travelers that sounded a bit like baby elephants having a massive party without me... at 11pm last night, it was really nice!!! and I would stay there again in a heart beat. Shout out to La Costa Motel at Balinga on the Gold Coast..a real gem.

For something different I decided to fly out of the Gold Coast and stay somewhere that I had never been to before.

I like embracing the idea of travelling roads that I have never been on before....taking a different route when I drive somewhere, staying at a place I've not seen before...we have one shot at this adventure called life after all, so we may as well explore as much of it as we can.

Studies have clearly shown that following the same routes all the time, doing the same routine things day in and day out, not having any spice or variance in your day to day experience can be pretty darn harmful to ones own neurological function, emotional wellbeing, hormonal and chemical balance....and most other systems in our's just not on Pam! come on..change it up sista!!

How often have you noticed that after a while of showing up and doing the same old, same old, everyday, how crappy you can start to feel?

You start to feel tired, have a lack of Joy and laughter, trouble sleeping, slow lymphatic and digestive system, depression...OK, so....maybe make an agreement with yourself right now to do something you wouldn't normally do in the next week, or something simple that you can put into effect right now today, take a road you haven't gone on before, talk to someone new....yep, just strike up a random conversation with a fellow earth traveler.

Whatever it is that you decide I hope that it helps you to feel more connected to yourself....happier, more balanced and healthier! It all makes a difference.

I'm about to fly to Singapore to visit some really beautiful people who I love hanging out with, and have had the pleasure of getting to know so well over the past few years. I'm fortunate to be spending most of the week there facilitating sessions for animals and people...some I know and have been clients for a little while, and others I have never met before, which is really exciting.......I will do this before heading on through to Kuala Lumpur for my first time ever, to teach a combo class...BodyTalk Access for Animals and Humans.

Jacquie xxx


Log Four- A whole new world

May 8th, 2017

Singapore...ha ha, I went to Singapore thinking that I was going to have a very cruisy few days doing a couple of sessions here and there, and spending a few days being a lady of leisure....Nope!

I unintentionally and regretfully (because it hurt my body) but also appreciatively if that is even possible, broke the record for the amount of sessions that I have ever facilitated in one a big mountain load! and then again the next day...I worked with so many fascinating animals (check out Rusty below, with his fancy pants Elephant necklace :-) that had a wide variety of diseases and behavior issues, including people. It was a blast, and now that I have had the experience of facilitating 17 sessions in one day...I can confidently say, thank you very much, but no thank you to doing that many in one day again ;-)

Maybe you checked out some of my photos and clips that I shared on Facebook from my day off? After a hectic few days in clinic, I was taken to the Aquarium and then the night safari at Singapore Zoo for the evening.

If you ever find yourself in Singapore, I can highly recommend the Aquarium, it has this one area that is like an open auditorium where you can lounge around on big carpeted areas set out over 3 or 4 levels.

In front of you is the biggest 'fish tank'- swimming pool I have ever seen, from floor to ceiling, filled with thousands of different oceanic species of sentient beings....It is stunning. You feel the tension and stress drift through and from your body.....the most affordable and effective therapy session I have seen in a long time.

And now I am reflecting on a brilliant two day combo Access for Animal's and Humans course in Kuala Lumpur...boy was it a lot of fun.

We had people from all walks of life. A few people had taken some form of education in either animal health or integrated health prior, and some had zero prior learning...yet everyone came together and not only formed such strong bonds and friendships in just a few days, but everyone easily understood and integrated the teachings and techniques effortlessly...well that's often my experience because it is the intention that I set for the group prior to starting class.

I also got to do a few demonstration sessions in class which I always really enjoy, because most people are 'first timers' through this class, so it's a brand new experience for them, seeing how a session unfolds.

We are already talking about setting up another class in the very near future and maybe a day of sessions

Some of the gang from class hung around for a little while and had a Kodak moment- oh my beating heart xxx

Jacquie xxx


Log Five- New terrain

I am Japan and have just finished teaching day one of the new combined BodyTalk Access for Animals and Humans course, it went off without a hitch and I can honestly say, I have never felt so relieved about successfully getting to the end of a first day a course in my life.

This is all brand new terrain for me, so many new things!

1) A new coordinator team who I have never worked with before, but am so glad that I have....they are sensational at what they do, and really really beautiful people to boot.

2) I had a travel companion for the first time ever! Oh my gosh, it was so sensational to have someone to share the journey with, debrief with during the day, to share meals with, wake up with bed hair with lol.....(especially on the return trip out of Tokyo......Turbulence!...what turbulence! *insert tapping out Fast Aid* and lots of prayers!

3) For this trip I decided to combine multiple locations, teaching roles and facilitating session days to see what that experience was like for me. I usually go away and teach at one location and return home within 4 to 5 days. This was just over two weeks away for me and I wasn't sure if my body would withstand the constant energy and work load it requires. It took a lot of balance and heaps of support sessions, but it was a huge success......

My powerpoint for this seminar is in Japanese, and while it is played, I am simultaneously looking at and going through mine which is in English...they have to be married up perfectly slide for slide otherwise it is looking more like a Rembrandt I've tried to paint after 2 bottles of red wine...not so great.

Not only did that go off amazingly well, but so did the synchronicity between me and my lovely interpreter Rumiko....what an amazing woman and opportunity to have your course interpreted and given life and animation in another language.

I'm goign to be reflecting on this part of my teaching trip for the longest time I feel.

If someone had told me back in 2006 when I started my journey with this healthcare system that I would be teaching crazy massive classes in Japan with and interpreter, I would have been shocked and disbelieving....

Anything is possible,... Dream, put it out there...then engage with the curiosity when it comes along and finds you.

Jacquie xxx


Log Six- Home sweet home and reflective moments

I made it home yesterday, and am still processing that flight home!

Oh oh oh...Lets just say, that I still have some work to do and some sessions to be had on my fear of falling out of the sky whilst flying...and going through severe turbulence is one of the biggest triggers for travel buddy Lynnete honestly was like a rock and talked me down somewhat, and did some fancy pants BodyTalk....and to think that I was doing better than the lady across the isle from me....I really felt for her.

Comgin back from the northern hemisphere to the southern is alwasy much tougher for me to synch with from a

jet lag' perspective, but having the tools from the Access protocol, and tapping out Meridian balances etc helps massively to re-set all my systems and rhythms of the body. It was by far the smoothest transition back home that I have ever had.

One day in the near future Ill finish that video that I have been planning to do on what you can do to help with synchronizing and integrating with an environment especially long haul travel and being in new countries that your not used to.

So I'm now in the catch up phase. Finalizing everything from class, catching up on a few hundred emails and calls, getting ready to go back into clinic today and the biggest thing is getting ready for our next round of Dynamic Group Distance Sessions.

The thing I love the most now is hanging out with my kids and the fury friends we have here, Tala, Bailey and Zues.

I learnt a lot about myself this always, and there are some things I can see that I need to make changes around and address, all of them are great and a natural course of a person or business evolving.

My take away's that I learnt:

1) If I ever experience stress and or anxiety again in prepping to leave for class this is my go to list;

* Do the Cortices technique a lot

* get as many BodyTalk sessions as I need

* Journal about it

* Art therapy- paint about it!

* Talk about it with someone

* Set a goal and use visualization techniques, especially using Mindscape workshop.

* Adopt more of a Meh! (shrug of the shoulders) approach to the stress.

2) Try new things, go a different route, stay in different places and engage with life in a different creates different outcomes, different feelings of achievement and a sense of joy and power!

3) Singapore is a place that I love dearly, the people there are so dedicated to themselves and their animals. I love facilitating sessions for them, I just wont be doing 17 to 20 sessions a day.......

4) Having time off in between work gigs is so vitally important for me...balance...I keep talking about and bringing it up on my Facebook page so much, because it is such a big deal. Without balance there is sickness!

5) Aquariums are Cool! and the best therapy ever....when you can't have BodyTalk ha ha.

6) Anything is possible.

Jacquie xxx


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