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I'm back to School and bound for Singapore!

For me, travelling and teaching has always been a really inspiring experience. And visiting Singapore in 2013 has been some of my fondest memories, the students are always so passionate about learning, it is always a lot of fun and full of laughter. I'm Singapore bound next week to present a BodyTalk for Animals Public presentation, BodyTalk Access for Animals course and 2 days of treatments. There are still spaces available to join us for this course at this amazing new facility Ra Healing Center, so if you or someone you know would like to join us for an awe inspiring 2 days of essential balancing techniques for the animal kingdom, jump on board and register today at the extended early bird rate.

Speaking of teaching...I am putting myself in the hot seat and being taught!

Some of you may not know, but I recently completed a Cert 3 in Business, and I have just begun my next advancement, a Cert 4 in Business...Exciting stuff seriously! Why?...Well so much has changed in relation to business over the past 10 years, when I first started clinic, I would take 3 days to make up newsletters on word doc, print them all out and hand them out in clinic or send them by post to make sure you all got them. Now, we have the magic of receiving them in an instant by email.

And like absolutely anything else, that maybe you haven't given as much attention too, or lost a bit of a connection yourself, or a relationship, or family, there comes a time when you feel the need to re-sync and reconnect.

Social media has been the kicker, I have really resisted up until this point, to have a professional presence on Facey, because of how busy clinic and the office has been. I wont take anything on unless I can really commit to it.

Thanks to some unfolding restructuring in the office, and some superhuman planning, I am launching a FaceBook business page in the not to distant future. I hope you will join me in creating a supportive community for everyone learn and share.

So jumping into a Cert 4 in business, is no different to me taking time out to synchronize with myself. A business is a living breathing matrix, and unless you understand it's needs, spend time with it, and get to know it as it evolves, it will start to seem unwell, just like anything else that is not balanced and given attention to.

Dedicate time to relationships that are lacking health...we have so many relationships too are they all looking for you? Maybe it's time for a really focused BodyTalk treatment in one of these areas?

Relationship to Money

Relationship to Debt

Relationship with friends

Relationship with Self

Relationship with your home or environment

Relationship with kids

Relationship with work/ coworkers

Relationship with animal/s

Relationship with disease

Relationship with attitudes/ habits

Past Relationships!

Be your own cheerleader!

All my best, Jacquie x

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