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Sharing one of my biggest Triumphs

Updated: Oct 8, 2021

2020 the year I finally did it!

The year of 2020 came to a close with the reawakening of the BodyTalk for Animals course (previously known as Mod 8a). In this special “revival” course, Senior BodyTalk Instructor Ange Trenga-Anderson co-taught with seasoned Animal Practitioner and BodyTalk Access for Animals Trainer Jacquie McIntyre from Queensland, Australia. The course ended with Jacquie’s graduation and induction as our newest BodyTalk for Animals Instructor.

Jacquie has been with BodyTalk for over 15 years and has been heavily devoted to maintaining the greater energy of this work both through her regular contributions to the IBA and her dedication and involvement in the Australian BodyTalk Association (ABA), acting as their president for several years. She has also coordinated many, many BodyTalk courses for other Instructors over the years, which is a gloriously unsung position that truly strengthens and builds the BodyTalk matrix.

Jacquie (pictured below) has been a passionate mentor and advocate for her students and practitioners across Australia for many years. She has a profound understanding and love for the animal kingdom in addition to perhaps being one of the most empathetic, open-minded and compassionate Instructors you will ever meet. We are extremely privileged to have Jacquie teaching this course that is so special and dear to many. Ange has written some additional words below. Congratulations, Jacquie!

I am so thrilled to announce the graduation of Jacquie McIntyre as a BodyTalk for Animals Instructor. Working with Jacquie has been an absolute pleasure, and co-teaching with her in November was an honour and an inspiration. I am so grateful for the space that Jacquie has held for the animal program within the IBA, as well as the many years of dedication and talent she has shared with the BodyTalk community. Jacquie brings a depth of wisdom, a keen intuition, and a beautiful spirit to her classes and her sessions, and we are so lucky to have her now as an integral part of the animal matrix. Jacquie, I know you will thrive as an Animal Instructor, as will our entire matrix for having you in this role. I hope that many members of our community will join you in a class, as I know you will make it an extraordinary experience for them. Congratulations, and well done!-Ange

BodyTalk for Animals for me was a very special course. Ange and Jacquie have years of experience and were able to deepen our understanding of just what working with animals involved from the many stories they shared. I also really enjoyed working with the other students, as anyone drawn to this work has usually been touched by an animal at some deep level, so, in this respect, I felt among kindred spirits. I do not think it is possible to do this course without being profoundly changed in some way and I look forward to being able to do more of this work to help animals, but also to help me become more human. -M.J., Student

Absolutely awesome class, Ange! You and Jacquie did a fabulous job.So much work obviously went into it. Thank you so much and I can't wait for future courses and connections.-Phebe-Jane Poole

Thank you so much for offering the course. It was wonderful to get to know you and Jacquie. The course has aided me in expanding my world of reality. Experiencing the group matrix that includes the animals was amazing. It further validates how we are all connected. I am truly grateful for this experience.-Corinne Hurst

Thank you, Ange and Jacquie, for three wonderful, well structured days with so much learning. I enjoyed the course thoroughly and it was a privilege to take part in the first “reawakened” Animal course and I am

looking forward to plenty of animal sessions.-Gaby Schmidt

Thank you very much for the amazing course. That was one of the most life-altering experiences I have ever had. Hands down, my favorite BodyTalk course. Love and deepest gratitude to both of you! Definitely worth the wait.-Laura Wishart

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Celebrate all of your triumphs!




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