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I am the Nail

I show your strength. Any cat knows how to show off their claws as well as their teeth! It is a weapon. So if you bite me off down to the flesh you show a fear and willingness to be defeated. If I am not there to fight for you, you say you can‘t! You can‘t fight, you can‘t show your aggression.

I am the extension of your hand that gets you what you need. If I am long and red I would like to make believe I am passionate about what I want and I get it at all cost. I cannot be hidden, just like your face or hands. If I am shaped like a claw I feel I need to hold onto everything and life is hard. If I am curved upward I feel things slip out of my hands. Hard and yellow with vertical ridges equals rigid and set in my ways. I am only following orders from my boss, the liver.

Chipped and thin, my boss feels weak and deficient. Horizontal ridges show that nothing is moving smoothly anymore and I suffer from mal-absorption. Those white spots: too much sugar!!! Square and big like my fingertip: down to earth and I know how to give a hand‘. Tiny, cone-shaped on a long and thin finger I prefer to be in my head‘ rather than work the fields‘.

Toenails are a good indicator your general state of health so you should pay attention to them. Pink nails are an indication of a rich blood supply and, ideally, nails will be smooth. Many nail disorders, such as brittle nails, ridges and lines can be a sign of vitamin or mineral deficiency, circulatory problems or other illnesses. In fact, patients undergoing surgery are usually asked to not wear nail polish since changes in nail color can let operating staff know something is wrong.

Thanks to Marita Roussey is a Adv. Snr. BodyTalk Instructor Emeritus.

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