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What not to do, when using 'Yes/No' tools for decision making

Updated: Jun 7, 2023

Hi there, This episode of From the Table (watch past episodes in YouTube) is important for many of you who know how powerful tools such as muscle testing, tarot, pendulum can be (just to name a few) to not only help us gain clarity but assist in decision making. There are times when it's best to not rely or use these tools at all and I cover why in this video. Once again it's a very hot topic in my community, because so many people are seeking answers to big questions, some of them are potentially life changing... but you have to be very grounded and neutral when doing so or you'll end up getting an experience that's not what is ideal for you.


Jacquie x

About From the Table:

These series of videos affectionately coined 'From the Table' are the insights, teachings and wisdom that comes forth from each and every session that Jacquie facilitates for people- right from the table. They are rich in Ah Ha moments and are designed to be offered in a way that we can each learn something about our self and from the world around us, to help us have the best possible quality health, personal freedom and happiness.


About Jacquie...

Jacquie's a life journier and it's seen her

grow and build an eclectic mix of abilities, interests and artistry's that

stemmed from her heart connection to the animal kingdom as a child, her deep fascination for human and animal psychology, mashed into that was her ever present love affair with all forms of creativity. ​

She knows all to well that it's impossible to neatly fit us into boxes, nor do the labels fit the true sentience of who we are. And that's why she has integrated her blend of integrative medicine, whole healthcare, community and creativity to this very space. If your willing to dive in with her, prepare to be loved and supported while you embark on this incredible return journey to self.

Through private treatment sessions, seminars, workshops based in integrated consciousness healthcare and founder of the My Incredible Orbit community that gets you the powerful results you so deeply desire.

Consciousness based healthcare, where the best version of you and your journey towards a sensational life awaits you.


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