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From the Table- Laughing to save your Life

(From the Table is a series of conversational articles which have been birthed from the weeks treatments with Jacquie. Showcasing some interesting concepts and issues that both people and animals alike face in their journey to body and mind health and deep happiness. (all names have been changed))


Imagine that your whole bodymind is so unhappy, so stressed, in such chaos that one of the simplest things that you could do right here today to save it, was to laugh.

I mean the kind of laughing that makes your face hurt, eyes run with tears, it's the shear "oh my goodness this is so good" kinda of thing. Leg squishing together so you don't pee yourself and the odd hysterical snort followed by more hard laughing because you snorted!

This week's 'From the Table' is bought to you buy a client last week who we will affectionately call 'Luna' (yes, I'm going to start referring to clients whom identities I'm protecting, with the names of planets, because I can and because planets are by far one of my favorite things)

Luna is a fairly new client and her experience of life recently has been really rough. Like everyone on this planet who will at some point experience the similar fragility and pain, she is currently riding the "Holy crap this is hard" wave. I have no doubt you are familiar with them.

A family member of Luna's had transitioned recently, her marriage has become void and broken, she is stressed and worried about finances, she is holding the mum flag and raising children, she is having nightmares nearly every night and the anxiety is to the point that she hasn't been able to go shopping for two weeks and....she has hardly told a soul what a world of pain she is in.

I spose one of the things that I really appreciate about my practice and the main system (BodyTalk) that I use to treat a person or animal, is that I don't have to diagnose a single thing. There is no putting together a list of symptoms and trying to find a label for them or their disease and no prescribing medications. I want to do the opposite, I want to find the causative factors and initiate a healing response.

I take a comprehensive health history, because what happened to her when she was young, or what her family went through when she was 13 years old really matters.

Everything she has ever experienced and not resolved consciously or unconsciously has formed collectively along with all of her stress's in life and the long chain like information going back into her genetics, ancestors and hereditary pieces. It's like a huge list of ingredients that makes this recipe called 'disease'.

So when Luna shows up to advocate for herself and receive a session from me, I listen deeply, observe her and ask her innate wisdom through a sophisticated biofeedback protocol....."what is the most important thing either within her body, mind, spirit, environment etc that needs to be repaired, re-synchronized and balanced today?"

By bringing to light the things within her that are having a really hard time functioning well or being able to process effectively the enormous amount of stress that she is experiencing in her life, her innate wisdom (the aspect of her that does the healing- the same part of you that repairs your cold when you get one, or your broken bone when it breaks) will be able to prioritize what needs to heal, in what order is has to do that and how it is going to do that.

Her session was a huge one and I can't possibly take you through all of it, but I can show you the main points...

  • Stimulating the consciousness of 'Acceptance" which is strongly held and associated with both the Lung and the Heart. This would allow her to feel more at peace with what has happened and promote better acceptance of her self.

  • Balance and bring more harmony into the Adrenals (sit on top of Kidneys), this is also a repair from the time when the body was experiencing puberty. It had a hard time navigating this time period, she was confused and there was a lot of stress in her life which left her adrenals not functioning optimally, causing further anxiety and depletion of hormones that help the body to feel chilled out and calm.

  • Re-booting the Pancreas...the personality and psychology of the Pancreas is one of my's like the 70's hippy love child that loves life and the people/ animals in it. However it hates stress and trauma, and is one of the most susceptible areas of the body to be really affected by these factors. The pancreas when it is happy and functioning well, it's allows a person to be able to fully experience the sweetness of life.

Drum roll please......

  • To stabilize, re-synchronize and flood mass happiness into the body. We needed a big chemical reaction for the brain, nervous system, all organs, all endocrine glands, all muscles, all bones and joints. It was LAUGHING....and not the kind of laughing that people do when they are trying to leave it captured in their mouth never to be let out and freed, or the kind that looks like your having conniptions.

I'm talking about the roll around on the ground, laugh out loud, don't hold back laughter.


I'm serious when I say, it can save someone's life. Do you realise how utterly unwell and malfunctioning your body can be after illness, short or prolonged stress, trauma, burn out? Most of it your not even aware of.

You see you are that iceberg picture, only having awareness of that tiny top little part that sits above the water. My job is to discover the whole iceberg.

The biggest priority was to get things ready and make some changes inside the brain and body, setting it up to make lots of fabulous chemicals that get produced when she laughed.

Making sure the chemicals know what their purpose is and where they have to go. Everyone in the body has a roll, we had to make sure everyone knew what that was in moving forward.

The thing that Luna had to do, was invite laughter into her life in every way possible, every single day. She had to do whatever it was that floated her boat and rattled her insides.

Laughing is so good because...

  • Increases immune cells (T cells & immunoglobulins) and fortifies the immune system

  • Drops the levels of cortisol, epinephrine (adrenaline) and dopamine (not so great hormones)

  • There is a beautiful group called endorphin's and serotonin that get released, these are the guys that cause you to feel amazing and reduce the feeling of both physical and emotional pain.

  • Antibodies get made and released..these guys do Kung Foo on infection and inflammation.

  • All the regions of the brain begin to harmonize and repair relationships within and between themselves

  • The stress response and even fight flight response that consumes the Amygdala complex, adrenals, kidneys, lung, respiratory system, skin...calms down and has the opportunity to stop, look around, re-evaluate life and their functioning, run repair programs and start to function much better.

  • Stimulates flow and circulation of blood and lymph within the circulatory system giving much needed ingredients to the Heart and cardio vascular system

  • Jiggles all the diaphragms (clavicle, abdominal and pelvic) resulting in an internal massage for all the digestive, reproductive, respiratory, cardiovascular and urinary good is that! A free massage.

  • Makes more energy for the body

  • Promotes a very productive, deep and restful sleep

Abbey (my daughter) and I watch something everyday that kicks off so much laughter for us, or we will do something that just naturally makes us laugh...I can be a bit of a goose at times and am willing to go the extra mile and behave in all manners 'un-mummy-like' which is me to a tee, embrace the inner Gemini I say!

But the thing I love the most is watching the TV show Friends, honestly I have watched every episode of every season so many times, and I know whats coming next in the show. Sometimes I'll start laughing ahead of time because I remember what's about to happen, or sometimes I laugh harder than last time just because I now get it on a whole new's mine and Abbey's ritual evening entertainment while I'm cooking dinner, singing Phoebes songs till the cats in protest leave the room and our dog Tala, starts to sing the song of Dogs.

What do you do?

How do you bring the opportunity to Kung Foo infection and inflammation by laughing till you cry?

Sometimes Laughing is so important that it could save someones life!

Have you laughed today?

Wish upon a star

Jacquie xxx

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