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From the Table- A letter to the year 2001

(From the Table is a series of conversational articles which have been birthed from the weeks treatments with Jacquie McIntyre- showcasing some interesting concepts and issues that both people and animals alike face in their journey to body and mind health and deep happiness. (all names have been changed))


So many people experience significant chunks of time in their lives that are really tough...they test you, teach you, stretch you and nearly break you at times.

Are you one of them?....I'm going to join you on that.

A significant amount of life changing events that bought me to a breaking point happened for me in 2008 and tested me to my core, and what I did with that is in-part why I'm sharing today's story.

Take a little ride with me for a few minutes...I'll show you what comes up in peoples sessions with me ALL the time (like yesterday) and a few ways you can resolve to process these experiences so that when you remember them, so they don't trigger and feel like that they are biting you from somewhere deep inside.

Every single day in clinic a priority presents itself that the persons whole bodymind would like to address a period of time in their life that has impacted them in such a way that it still affects them, it still triggers them when it pops into their minds or someone talks about that time period...even the very mention of that month or year that it happened is enough to trigger a subconscious response that can look like anything from anxiety to pain in the body, concentration issues, to feelings of depression and fear.

You know, even after over 10 years of me swimming through this arena of healthcare (consciousness and BodyTalk) it still amazes me how we are set up, how we work, how we relate to things, how we process and retain information. So every session that I facilitate is in essence a huge opportunity of learning for me.

From the Table- A letter to 2008- resolving conflict

A few months ago I was facilitating a session for a gentleman...Orion.

During his treatment a cluster of memories came up as a priority to be addressed. The thing is that the cluster of memories...there were so many of them.

I could 'see' in my mind's eye that this cluster of memories actually was so potent, had so many pointy sticky outie bits to it that it actually formed one huge memory of time period. It was stuck and going nowhere fast.

For Orion many things happened during this 8 month period back in 2001. He was feeling so low, had separated from his wife and inadvertently from his children too. He took a pay-cut to keep his job, his was having issues sleeping, his digestive system was not working properly, he experienced a constant throbbing pain in his belly most days...he suffered frequent migraines, he felt isolated and alone.

This huge chunk of time in 2001 was still impacting him in such a unproductive and vicious way that it wasn't going to be good enough to simply go through all these individual memories from specific events and address them , we had to formulate a program that would flow through and make changes within and to the whole bodymind complex.

We were going to address them all at the same time, including the way that it impacted him then and the way it was impacting him still.

This was going to have a really nice domino effect whereby the normal behavior to trigger at a memory (especially the subconscious triggers) would be changed.

You know, I see and hear so often, people having over reactions to could be as simple as reacting to the tone of a person's voice...seeing a child walk to school...watching someone eat a burger....and they can react in such a big way.

It can cause huge emotions to surface, or behaviors to present that they normally wouldn't do....and all because there was a factor about one of these scenarios that reminded the subconscious of a time/ event/ situation from a disastrous period in life.

During a BodyTalk session with me, especially at the level of facilitating PaRama BodyTalk sessions we have the ability to have access if needed to really beautiful and sophisticated formulas aimed at re-calibrating the brains, the deeply held beliefs and attitudes both consciously and subconsciously, the way the body functions overall and the way that all parts communicate with one another.

So once something has been identified in a treatment that it causes huge conflict and it's a priority to be changed, we can impart new upgraded programs into the bodymind that allow it to be able to reconcile the stress and trauma from that time.

To be able to finally go about digesting the events, assimilating the new changes and integrate the learning and wisdom that comes from deeply understanding the reasons why some things happen and how one has grown from them is sometimes like handing someone gold. It can be one of the most gift giving things.

In Orion's case, that is exactly what we did. He reported at the end of the session that he physically felt that this weight had disappeared...he didn't realize it was there until it was gone.

He said that he had a whole new set of different perspectives (ways of viewing something) about the really big things that happened that year, and that he was starting to feel a sense of admiration for the changes he had gone through, the strength that he could now sense and feel from it all.

He spoke about understanding how he had been locked into some invisible battle with the year 2001...he blamed it for being the worst year ever. He blamed it for not supporting him. He blamed it for nearly ruining him.....

He needed to reconcile that time. He needed to spend some time in reflection, acknowledging all of the amazing things he learnt about himself, other people and the world around him. He needed to say sorry for blaming it and himself.

From the Table- A letter to the year 2008

And so that brings me to the best part.

It has not only come up for me or for Orion, but for many other clients over the years....

Write a letter

An open and honest letter to the year that nearly broke you.

Mine started off saying;

Dear 2008,

Thank you for teaching me about resilience, it worked!..................................

The further I just let the conversation guide me, the more I came to understand about what had unfolded that year, and how it had the opportunity to be one of my most shining moments.

SO my biggest suggestion to you is apart from having a treatment session with me.....Write that letter, go for it...don't hold back...give it everything you have and then some more.

Write a letter to the time that nearly broke you, and say with all your heart...Thank you!

Wish upon a star

Jacquie xxx

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