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From the table- Many Options equals Safety

From the Table with Jacquie McIntyre

(From the Table is a series of conversational articles which have been birthed from the weeks treatments with Jacquie McIntyre- showcasing some interesting concepts and issues that both people and animals alike face in their journey to body and mind health and deep happiness. (all names have been changed))


Many Options equals Safety

Before facilitating a treatment session for someone I always get an update about what their present needs are, how their health is and what they have noticed that has resolved or changed since our last treatment together.

In this series I'm going to show you how rigid beliefs stored in the subconscious mind lead to a recipe base of how to live life 'Safely'...even if it is a life of confusion and fear.

Whilst listening to "Beth" give an update from her last treatment, I noticed some words and phrases being spoken often, *I just don't know*, *I'm scared*, *choices* and *options*.

I scanned quickly through the updates and treatments we had done in the past and realised that there was a pattern emerging about several things.

a) Being quiet confused about her current and future direction in life. This had been an issue for quiet a while.

It was also really obvious that some systems in the body were quiet confused in can see this by the way they are working individually and additionally how they work with other parts of the's like they know they have a job to do, a role to play, but they dont quiet know how to do it well.

This confusion can flow to other areas of the body mind, which leads to general communication and relationship breakdowns globally within the persons body and life. The confusion can come about from a limitless amount of reasons, we are going to look at a few today.

Walking towards the light- Jacquie McIntyre

~ Some of the areas that were suffering from the affects of confusion for Beth (and 'fear of not being safe' as a belief system) is the reproductive system, brain, integumentary system, skin as an organ, hormones and endocrine glands. We were seeing quiet substantial malfunction within these systems leading to many uncomfortable symptoms for her, some of them being hormone imbalances, emotion and 'mood' swings, disorientation and confusion, cysts and acne, poor quality of sleep and poor nutrient absorption.

"Beth" was engaged in very large patterns, which she was not consciously aware of doing. Needing to have many many options available to her in relation to everything....there was this deep drive that was coming from the subconscious that said....."ok, so you have this thing that your doing, great...but now we need at least 3 or 4 options on top of this, just in case you need them, or you have to change, or it doesn't work, or.....just because! fact if we can get more options than that, then that's even better".

This was causing feelings of confusion....of what's right?, what's wrong?, should I?, shouldn't I?. Feelings of being trapped, feeling suffocated, feeling frantic, anxious, cautious, over analyzing details and generally fearful.

Fearful about making the wrong decision, fear of making any decision really, fear of retribution, fear of failure, fearful of Love, fearful of Life, fear of success, fearful of being seen, fear of wounds being exposed, fear of being in the spotlight, fear of conflict etc.....

Note to you, fyi: When doing a treatment for a person or an animal, in addition to having a methodical treatment protocol that I's a very sensory experience for me, I see these things sometimes like they are movies playing out, and I watch it unfold scene by scene.

I hear 'you' just as well as I can hear you in person face to face. The person or animal I am treating speaks just as clearly, if not more clearly....I find the information they speak is unfiltered, and not clogged up by fears and beliefs etc. Because I am observing in my minds eye or intuition their innate wisdom..... in essence I'm hearing the true voice....It's a full sensory experience for me, so often in a treatment a person will hear me say things like, "It looks like" or "I can smell", "I can feel that your are **** about that happening" or "I can hear you singing"...I am literally in two places at once when doing sessions.

Back to the story...

What became very obvious to me was that there were 3 major factors that were all working together like ingredients of a recipe to bring about this confusion, fear and a over use of needing too many options.

This is what we needed to resolve in order to bring about change for her....and quality lasting change.

1) Age 3 to 5 years= At this age a person is like a human sponge, forming it's deepest identity fragments and understanding how it is going to show up and navigate the world. They constantly take in sensory information from the environment and the people around them. This proved to be a crucial time for's when her Dad left the family, leaving her Mum to raise small children on her own, whilst battling her own crisis. Beth remembers very clearly that it affected her Mum profoundly, she was often crying and seemed "unbalanced" and "unable to cope".

Beth said her Mum would often say that she felt suffocated by life, that she has no choice or options available to them... in what happens, that they are at the mercy as to what ever life throws their way.

Beth said during her session that she vaguely remembers at this age not feeling safe, and having a feeling that when she grew up she would need to have lots of choices and options so she didn't end up like her Mum....sad and scared.

2) Puberty (Age 14 ish)= Another huge time of a persons evolution, (profoundly impacts growth of the pre-frontal cortex and hormone signature) At this age there was a very strong memory about being confused about who she was, how she should 'be' in the world.

At this time the body is moving into a very different cycle of hormonal expression....if the person is confused about who they are, then the hormonal system can often not settle into itself well and start off being quiet confused in it's function, it's role and how it should do things exactly.

Because the bodymind already had a predisposition to acquiring many options for any one task or situation, this impacted the cycle of puberty in exactly the same way... being confused.

3) Ancestral/ Hereditary information= It was a great, great, great grandfather on her fathers side of the family line....he looses all his assets and money, leaving the family with nothing, disgraced from the community and poverty stricken.

He had all his 'eggs in one basket'....he had no other options asset or financial options, and because he had all his valuables put into one basket, when the tide of bad business came, he lost the lot.

The Lesson learnt from this knowing? Don't put your eggs all in one basket, have options...and lots of them.

Well 'this was many generations ago' you might say....yep it was, and when big events impact a person, especially if it initiates a trauma response within the body, it logs as information in our cells....we live, we breed and the information is passed on, generation by generation. In fact it can grow bigger and manifest as really serious in-explainable fears, phobias, actions, habits, patterns and even health's huge!

SO here we had this wonderful woman who in the subconscious part of the mind, a decision had been made early in life that it wanted to create 'Safety for itself, therefore it had to create a recipe for living, how was it going to do this?

* She learnt from her G/G/G grandfather that not having multiple options leaves you in very unsafe situations, that putting all your eggs in one basket means it could all be taken away easily.

* She learnt that at the age of 14 she needed options available to her that could show her who she was and how she wanted to be in the world. Because Beth was already living as part of this bodymind complex that over did things by needing many options of nearly everything, by the time puberty came, It simply didn't have a clear enough picture of what it's role was. So at the age of 14 her systems were in confusion from too many options.

* She learnt in early childhood from her Dad and Mum to be fearful of not having any options, as not having options makes you unsafe. Below is the final pieces that came up in her session which amounted to how from a unconsciousness perspective she had learnt to live her life:

I am...

Fearful of not being Safe

Safety comes when I have many options

Many Options creates confusion

Confusion is ok if it keeps me Safe

I like being confused because it means that I'm safe

'Safety is being confused'

'I am confused'

This was the subconsciousness recipe for living, that controlled every aspect of her life and her health. She had no choice but to be confused about everything, questioning everything, seeking guidance and asking opinions about everything, because confusion and having many options was her recipe for keeping Safe.

Ps: One of the reasons Dad left was this overwhelming feeling of being suffocated and not having any options other than being married, with kids and working.....he too was deeply impacted without knowing about the event that his G/G Grandfather experienced, this was how it showed up for him.

There were several other items that came up as part of her treatment, but the Guts of it is here. It will be wonderful to observe her journey now that we have facilitated the session, as I expect she will notice a lot of relief within herself, the way she navigates life, especially her health issues.

I'll keep you updated.

Wish upon a star

Jacquie xxx

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