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Gut Bacteria loves feasting on Brain molecules

It's been known for a while now, that if you feed your microbes, especially the bacteria, 'food' that they like, then they will be happy and productive. However...feed them sub-quality food, or not enough food (ie: starve them) and you have very unhappy campers on your hands!, they literally are a mirror for how you are feeling and how your health is shaping up....inflammation and pain, digestive issues, depression, the list starts to really mount up!

Some more fascinating observations have happened recently with our little friends of the GI tract. At Northeastern University in Boston, Philip Strandwitz and his colleagues discovered a species of gut bacteria, called KL1738 (who names these?)

They found that they could only grow them and get them to survive if they fed them a brain chemical called GABA. ​ “Nothing made it grow, except GABA,” Strandwitz said while announcing his findings at the annual meeting of the American Society for Microbiology in Boston last month.

GABA is a molecule crucial for calming your brain, and the very fact that they devour it like a kid with ice cream could certainly help explain then why the gut microbiome seems to affect your overall mood.

GABA acts by inhibiting signals from nerve cells, calming down the activity of the brain. If you were to do the BodyTalk Cortices technique daily, the re-booting mechanism of Cortices would help the brain to calm it's self, help the brain be able to 'run' the body significantly better and promote production of GABA, which in turn would feed KL1738, making them feel contently full and happy, which then allows them to be able to do their job...which means that you are then feeling content and happy!

It’s also not surprising to learn that a gut bacterium needs it to grow and reproduce, you need more babies being made in there! Having abnormally low levels of GABA is linked to depression and mood disorders, and this finding adds to growing evidence that our gut bacteria may affect our brains as well.

Other factors that have a very big impact on the health of these bacteria are medications, especially antibiotics, low vitamin and mineral levels in the body, EMF (electro magnetic frequencies- wi fi, phones, electricity, tv's- even when on standby etc)

Sessions with me in person or remotely by distance are a brilliant way to restore the happiness, functionality and reproduction of these bacteria and deal with the environmental factors causing the imbalances too!. Not to mention helping the brain to correct any imbalances it may be having in producing GABA...there are a few things you can do to help things your end as well;

* The BodyTalk Access protocol

* Cortices

* Fermented foods

* Kombucha

* A brew of Apple cider vinegar/ fresh lemon juice and honey in hot water

* Probiotics (get advice on the good ones, there is a lot of bogus shyt on the market that someone on a sales target will try and sell you)

* Swap spit with someone...KISSING is great! don't pull that face at me!......what if they have microbes that you are lacking in?.. a simple kissie kissie is a great way to help each other out ;-) You can start to recolonize a whole species of microbe that you are missing, just by kissing :-)

* Lots of variety in your diet, cook something different, mix it up.

* Rest when you need to

* Regular self care

Have you tapped out your Cortices today? why not shoot on over to the Video Gallery page and do a refresher, and of course I am going to be diving into these concepts in more depth, teaching a technique that addresses these very imbalances called Body Chemistry in my upcoming courses.

So if you are joining me this year in one of the locations I will be teaching, then you will learn all about this and more, to help you combat health and stress issues for you and your animal friend companions.

All my best

Jacquie x

Advocating Support| Inspiring through Knowledge

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