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Everything from cool techniques to help balance and fire up communication within the body-mind, to stories that come right from Jacquie's treatment table... and everything else in between.

a From the Table episode

From Conflict into Adaptability

A From the Table episode

Upgrading to a Mercedes Benz

Why would the concept of 'homework' come up as part of my session?

The BodyTalk System

The Cortices Technique Preamble

Part 1

The BodyTalk System

The Cortices Technique Demo

Part 2

BodyTalk Access for Animals and People- Course Review with Jacquie McIntyre


BodyTalk Access for People Course Overview with Jacquie McIntyre


The BodyTalk Experience:

What does a session look like

The BodyTalk Experience: The Body Can Self Heal

BodyTalk in 2 Minutes