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Catching Up...conceptually and literally.

"It was great to catch up" "Good catch up!" "Lets catch up again soon" I use to say these phrases so often, I still do at times....triggered by a long overdue conversation with a dear friend, or coffee with a soul sista, visit with family. We very often become aware of how there has been a 'lack' of catching up with friends or loved ones, or slightly neglected anyway...and we tend to say it so flippantly that we dont give it much further thought.

But I started to listen more deeply a few years ago when I was saying these things, it was like the 'little voice' in the back of my minds eye, saying "Listen more closely to what is being said here Jacquie, this 'catching up' thing has more to it than what you are paying attention to".

That was when I sat with it for a while and saw that there were many aspects of my life that were trying to catch up or in need of catching up!

Understanding the concept of mirroring...let's take this "catching up" as an example and explore it...always racing racing, this will be reflected in all aspects of your life and doubt about it and that can translate into significant health issues!

In my experience of clinical practice, some of the common areas that clients will show issues with this is catching up on book work, taxes, writing a book that you started 6 years ago, things to fix around the house, study, emails, phone calls etc.

Being able to catch up with self (simple stuff like time in the sun, reading a book, getting a massage, learning something new, enrolling in a short course, dance or singing classes, date night with yourself), having balance between work, other commitments, appointments, family, running a house, business...the list goes on, but you get it right?

It is this mirror that will also be showing up as deficiencies within your health. The functioning aspects within the body can fall behind just as easily, and be in this constant state of 'needing to catch up'.

Maybe the brain doesn't get all of its dumping, processing and cataloging of the days events, stresses and information done every night while sleep occurs.

Maybe the lymphatic system slows and lags behind or maybe the immune system is behind on logging data about a recent pathogen it came into contact with, which would give it the resources and information it would need in order to be able to deal with it next time you meet each.

Maybe there is trauma or a huge event from a persons life that is so far behind on the digesting and processing of it..... that it is now causing major issues within the digestive system, lungs or heart. That kind of unprocessed trauma will also have an impact on different parts of the brain, chemical and hormonal production and distribution. If there is this need to catch up on the outside, there will be reflected equally inside you, this need to catch up.

It sounds huge right? could be, let's catch it before then ;-)

The next time you find yourself thinking, boy I'm really chasing my tail and forever having to catch up on stuff...or you hear yourself say to someone for the 3rd time this month, "Lets catch up again soon", it could be a good thing to take a bit of quiet time to sit with yourself and see how this 'catching up' concept is showing up in other ways of your life.

If it is, then just that realization alone can help to bring about awesome change, you can re-organise things and prioritize them differently and after that, you can get yourself a BodyTalk session to address all the rest that you cant get to yourself.

Walk with peace, and happy catching up!

All my best

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