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The Guilt Stops Here

Now is the time...

Nothing moves and shifts things more quickly than people coming together to focus on specific work as a group. There is still time to join us, get the first recording emailed to you today.

Why is it so hard to Forgive and Forget?

How heavy does your guilt weigh?

* lack of confidence * self doubt * hostile inner critic * feeling like a failure ** perfectionism * indecision * unable to maintain boundaries ** headaches * digestive issues * jaw, neck, shoulder pain ** knee and ankle problems * thyroid imbalances* anger * grief * sadness *

You are invited to a 3 session, group BodyTalk Tele-Series

starting May 26th, continuing June 9th and June 30th

6:00 pm AEST(Australian Eastern Standard time)

Continue this work of forgiveness of self.

It's time to let yourself off the hook and give yourself a break!

Sessions will be recorded for you to listen to at your convenience if you cannot make the live call.

Call in number and password will be provided after registration.

Enrollment: All 3 sessions $125 for the first 20 people + recieve 10% off the next Group BodyTalk Tele-Series.or $70 for one session

After 20 registrants- receive all 3 sessions for $155

Are group sessions effective?

Yes. Group sessions are great opportunity for healing. The presence of the group will increase the number of observers and therefore increase the impact of the session. Also, the increased understanding of the group amplifies the possibility for a shift in consciousness or perception for everyone.

Distance Sessions

For some people the concept of doing consciousness balancing at a distance is relatively palatable however, for others, it is not well understood or accepted. Because BodyTalk is working at the level of consciousness (where it can then influence the mind, energy systems, and physical body) it is possible to do from afar and still be effective.

How heavy is the burden of your guilt? The perfectionism. The exhaustion. The lack of confidence and self-doubt. No matter how hard you try it feels like it just isn't good enough. Aren't you supposed to be further ahead by now? How would it feel to experience being okay within your human-ness, hanging up the burden of over-responsibility, and stepping into the freedom of present moment? Releasing your own personal story and weight of the world from off your shoulders can be the key to unlocking your personal door to CONFIDENCE and JOY. What if right now, life were enough? What if right now, you were enough? You are invited to join us. Please email me your personal wish list of what you would like to move through, and together we will focus on releasing the past, our attachment, and to enable joyful expression and stepping into the support that has been there all along.

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