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You were born to Shine

This article was featured in Holistic Bliss magazine.

As a human being here walking and experiencing this gorgeous planet, one of the most important relationships you will ever have is your relationship with yourself. You are without a doubt an exceptional, extraordinary, all potential being. That is the truth of it.

You were born to shine and be the best version of you.

So how is that working out for you?

“I want to find out who I am” is a plea I here almost daily in practice. More importantly I ask people, “Who are you NOT”?

From the moment your seed was planted in your mother’s womb, right to this very day you have been collecting your experiences and storing them as memories.

From your environment, parents, teachers, friends, society, media, world events, trauma’s you have collected and filtered experiences through your five senses; tasting them, feeling them, hearing, seeing and smelling them all; investing in them and believing in many of them.

You were born to shine- Jacquie McIntyre blog

People collect a smorgasbord of memories in a lifetime that collectively compound any health problems they have. These problems will eventually create health issues in a person who seemingly have no reason for getting sick at that point in their life.

This sickness can be mental, physical or emotional and may have been triggered by something as simple as watching a movie that portrayed an event similar to a painful unconsciousness memory stored in their bodymind.

It’s from these experience’s that you form belief systems. Once you consciously and more importantly unconsciously start to believe something about your SELF, you start to form an identity or label around it.

You believe who you think you are or who you have been told you are and thus your process of not shining brightly, not being your full potential inevitably leads to physical disharmony and imbalance, disease processes, fear and anxiety.

Believing you are a failure, always having something go wrong, feeling inadequate, always getting sick, working hard for your money, accepting the idea that success is only for a selected few are all just belief systems and labels that we give ourselves which profoundly affect our relationship with Self.

It is just as easy to BreakThrough these limiting beliefs, as it is to accumulate them with modalities such as BodyTalk and self inquiry...two of my favourites!

So the process of finding your SELF is more about shining a light on the labels we have given ourselves or taken on board and owned, and finding out who we are NOT!

Without these limiting belief systems and the conflict they create, how would you love yourself and your body differently?

Without fear, what would you achieve?

What would your life look like?

What would be your potential?

Shine brightly

Jacquie xxx

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