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Salt Lamps - Not just a pretty face :-)

Salt Lamps...Not just a pretty face. Jacquie McIntyre blog

From the Table is a series of conversational articles which have been birthed from the weeks treatments with Jacquie McIntyre- showcasing some interesting concepts and issues that people face in their journey to body-mind health and deep happiness. (all names have been changed)



Quiet often a salt lamp will come up in a clients BodyTalk session as a suggestion for them to look into. A person's innate wisdom has super intelligence, it knows the benefits the bodymind would get from having one in the environment and brings it up as a possibility to thin about getting.

And it never surprises me when after mentioning it, a client will say "you know what! I did think about getting one the other day" or "It's been on my mind to get one you know".

They are not just a pretty lamp, with warm glow and soothing vibes. These form part of your "healthcare team". You know I have spoken of this for years....what makes up your "Healthcare Team" that supports your entire body-mind complex is a collective of people, things, places, experiences, products and therapies.

Salt lamps are massively misunderstood and unrecognised for the benefits they hold.

Before we go any further I want to chat quickly about Negative and Positive Ions.

From a health and well-being perspective think of negative ions as the 'good guys' and positive ions as 'not so good guys', especially when in large amounts around and in you! You can start to feel like this

Salt lamps- not just a pretty face

In nature, negative ions are created through forces of rain storms, waterfalls, lightening, sunlight, ocean waves and winds.

In fresh country air, we find up to 4,000 negative ions per cubic centimeter (the size of a sugar cube). Up to 10,000 negative ions are found near heavy surf, or close to a waterfall.

This is why you feel so refreshed and energized when you're in these environments. There are more negative ions which create healing within the body.

By contrast, the number of negative ions in metropolitan areas often does not even reach 100! Stop and absorb that piece of info for a second....not even 100!

You intentionally want to be in and creating environments that have far more Negative ions than Positive. Positive creates stress, inflammation and disease.

Health practitioners all over the globe... Europe, North America, Australia and Japan have been using salt lamps extensively both personally and recommending for ailments such as snoring, allergies, intolerances, sinus problems, to reduce asthma, respiratory problems, lung disease, to enhance the immune system, reduce inflammation and decrease stress responses in the brain and bodies.

It should come as no surprise then that many hospitals in Europe make ionization mandatory.

Buying a salt lamp is a very cost effective way to bring more Negative ions into your space and body. Once placing a salt lamp in your home, you will notice changes in the environment and how you and your family feel within really is that fast. And the ongoing benefits continue to unfold over weeks and many months.

Himalayan Salt Lamps have been used for centuries for their reputed health benefits. When lit, a rock crystal salt lamp emits an electrical charge that releases healthy negative ions into the air. These negative ions kill bacteria, molds, mildews and spores, odors, cigarette smoke, chemical gases, pet odors, pollens, dust and dust mites, animal dander, viruses, static electricity, carbon monoxide, and much more.

These days there are so many lamps to choose from, and for so many applications and uses. Ones that you can place a tea light candle into and burn softly for hours. The heat from the candle warms the salt lamp allowing it to work as intended.

I personally have 3 salt lamps in the house/ office where a small globe sits in under the base of the lamp warming it from the inside, which also creates the glow effect. In recent years there has been a trend to having mini usb salt lamps that can be plugged into your laptop- sometime a lot of my clients have loved.

Unfortunately in recent times a few people have been making 'fake' salt lamps, so be sure to make sure it's from a reputable supplier.

Next time you go shopping, bring a salt lamp home and allow it to work it's magic. It's a really valuable member of your healthcare team and will work beautifully for you given half the chance.


Jacquie McIntyre- My Incredible Orbit community

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Jacquie advocates for people's potential, and the return journey to Self- she shares her knowledge in all things healthcare, consciousness and body psychology whilst inspiring people to be the most exceptional version of themselves that they can possibly be.

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