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Try This 10 Second Grounding Technique

Try This 10 Second Grounding Technique

With so many clients going through big changes, big releases and big experiences right now, I knew I had to share with you all the one technique that supports you big time.

It only takes a few seconds to do and is brilliant for grounding your beautiful nervous system and 3 brain complex. So that your body-mind can work out in a clear and grounded manner what it needs to do next to heal and support you.

Its flipping fabulous and I can't wait to share it with you.


About Jacquie...

Jacquie McIntyre facilitating a session for client

Jacquie's a life journier and it's seen her

grow and build an eclectic mix of abilities, interests and artistry's that

stemmed from her heart connection to the animal kingdom as a child, her deep fascination for human and animal psychology, mashed into that was her ever present love affair with all forms of creativity. ​

She knows all to well that it's impossible to neatly fit us into boxes, nor do the labels fit the true sentience of who we are. And that's why she has integrated her blend of integrative medicine, whole healthcare, community and creativity to this very space. If your willing to dive in with her, prepare to be loved and supported while you embark on this incredible return journey to self.

Through private treatment sessions, seminars, workshops based in integrated consciousness healthcare and founder of the My Incredible Orbit community that gets you the powerful results you so deeply desire.

Consciousness based healthcare, where the best version of you and your journey towards a sensational life awaits you.

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