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Improve your relationships by speaking OF the HEART

In this week's edition of 'From The Table' video, I'm exploring how shifting your words that often come from your head-brain and how redirecting that dialogue via the heart will open you up to healthy, happy relationships. And help you to say what you really want to say.


In general we are taught from early life that to speak we do it from the space of thoughts...and we use the head-brain to speak those thoughts. This is not entirely correct, it's what you're lead to believe, but let's go with that just for today.

There are never times when directing speech purely from this place of the head is effective, it usually feels harsh, abrupt, lacking insight, empathy and tends to be overly analytical. The person your trying to communicate with can feel confused, disconnected from what your trying to say and generally it's often the long way around trying to get your point across, have your most basic needs met or letting someone know how you feel..

You see it's missing a crucial ingredient...the interpretation of the Heart!

When we learn to easily bring our awareness into the space of the heart brain prior to engaging in words and conversation it changes the feel of what has to be said and how it's said.

It changes the delivery of the words and has a huge effect on the overall quality of the conversation being well received and harmonious.

Isn't that what you're looking for? To be able to easily connect what what you're wanting to say via your heart where it dramatically improves the overall quality of the relationship?

In this video I take you through the basics and give you some tips on how to connect in quickly and easily. To take this to the next level and delve deeper I would suggest joining me in the My Incredible Orbit community where I explore these concepts weekly in group sessions, courses, coaching calls and resources.

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