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Do you pay attention to your dreams?

I dream of airports.

Dreams often are clear communication to us about things happening deep within that perhaps we haven't been aware of or could see directly.

And some help in understanding them a little better can in return help us understand ourselves more deeply and move through things with more ease.

For me I've often dreamt of airports throughout my life. It's always me moving through an airport I've never been to before- usually at speed, missing planes, running to planes, getting on one at the last minute....flying in on one and needing to meet a connecting flight.

I'm always in an airport I've not been to before and places/ countries not navigated before.

Recently these dreams started again. Let me say, they are not peaceful, or fun or feeling like full of adventure. These dreams have a sense of heaviness, time squishing in on you, loss, uncertainty and change.

The last time I had a round of airport dreams was mid 2020 when I was really walking through metaphorical deep forests of observing, learning, shedding, changing profoundly and ultimately coming into myself more.

Very recently I made the connection of why these dreams pop in at these times and had my Ah Ha moment with these airport journeys.

It was messages from soul showing me that I'm transitioning through some things that are big, that are complex, that are uncomfortable, that many times hurt like hell and that ultimately each time I go through these experiences of journey they always bring me closer to myself, closer to my true nature, closer to Love. Which is the ultimate journey for me and why I'm here.

Had it not been for the time I took to ask self, "what are these dreams showing me?" and sitting with that, open to the responses that came forth... I would never have know that it signaled great times of transition, change and growth. My relationship with them would not have changed from sorrow and foreboding into one of gratitude and peace- knowing that great things are happening.

I don't have any concern about airport dreams any longer- they don't make me uncomfortable anymore. For I know great things are happening when they swing my way.

But if we don't have the curiosity and bravery to lean into the uncomfortable and ask "what does this mean for me" then we will never learn what we need from it. Our journey home to self is much slower and uncomfortable.

Be curious and lean in.

-There are many great resources that can give you insight into dreams. Apps, books (my favorite), podcasts and websites to name a few. Part of the fun is finding those which you resonate with. Do some digging and see what you find that can help you to uncover what your dreams are showing you- let the information fall gently within and if it resonates, seek deeper into that until you get to your personal truth-

Jacquie xxx


About Jacquie...

Knowledge sharer, wisdom bringer, light shiner and fierce supporter of you and your journey.

Jacquie advocates for people's potential and the return journey to Self- she shares her knowledge in all things healthcare, consciousness and body psychology whilst inspiring people to be the most exceptional version of themselves that they can possibly be.

Through private treatment sessions, seminars, workshops based in integrated consciousness healthcare and founder of the My Incredible Orbit community that gets you the powerful results you so deeply desire.

Consciousness based healthcare, where the best version of you and your journey towards a sensational life awaits you.


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