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March was a blast!

We have just wrapped up our Australian BodyTalk Association Conference 'GabFest', held in Brisbane. Practitioners and students came from all over the country to share in ideas, connect and learn form some of our best presenters and key note speakers we could get our hands on! It was such a great day, that we are in the preparation stages of organising our next one in 2018! Maybe if your a BodyTalk student new to our matrix, you will be joining us next time?

One of our workshops was from the perspective of Dynamic Systems Theory...Fascinating stuff!

'Constellations workshop'

Anne was our lovely facilitator.

Josie Coco (aka Australian BodyTalk Association's brilliant treasurer) gave a really resourceful and informative talk about using social media in business and practice. Thanks Josie!

GabFest participants 2016!

What a great bunch of people.

We also had John Velthiem the founder of the BodyTalk System join is never a dull moment with John back on home soil, I love his dry sense of humor and I never miss his visits back to Brisbane. We kicked off with a free public event on the Friday evening, 'Town Hall Meeting', catching up on all the latest developments from the IBA and BodyTalk globally.

Then we had Founders session intensive, two days of john performing BodyTalk treatments and explaining some of the new techniques and concepts presenting themselves in his new courses that he is now teaching. Energetics and BodyTalk: The Soul's Journey, Exploring the Mind & The Three Brains.

And in case you didn't know. many of John's courses are now open to members of the general public, meaning you dont need prior learning to be able to take them. Details are always on the registration page for the class on the IBA site.

Maybe I will see you at one on the future, don't forget to come and say Hi!


Jacquie x

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