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As more of humanity practices Heart-based living

It will qualify the 'rite of passage' into the next level of consciousness.

Using our heart's intuitive guidance, will become common sense -

Doc Childre

Founder of HeartMath

I actually wrote to you all yesterday, yep, two hours of thought provoking stuff, and multiple reviews nearly came your way...

I had just completed the last sentence...the phone rang, it was one of my soul sisters ringing out of the blue...I always have a laugh with her on the phone, and hung up feeling blessed that she is in my circle of special people.

I came back to my computer to review it one last time before publishing it live, and........everything was frozen!

In suspended time, I could see this 'masterpiece' in front of me, yet as the next few hours of hoping it would 'un-freeze' itself, ticked by, I surrendered to the fact that I was going to have to start again.

Ten years ago, I would have had a nice little external and internal tantrum, which would have latest the rest of the day.

And then more moments of feeling BLESSED washed over me, blessed that, perhaps it wasn’t the magnificent masterpiece that I thought it was, maybe it wasn’t the words you were meant to hear and I get to have a second shot at it.

Sleep on it, is a great concept, and one I use a lot! These days. If there is a burning question, a decision to make, needing clarity on a situation, more often than not, I 'sleep on it' now, and the clarity is there the next day.

So, this morning, I awoke with more feelings of Being Blessed. I am truly blessed because, instead of having a 10 yr ago tantrum and feeling like something was conspiring against me, I realized that if The BodyTalk System and I had not met, and if I had not taken this journey in this field of health and science then my reality would have looked very different.

And I’m grateful that I see more clearly now, have less attachments now, less stressed now and have the ability to see a situation perhaps for what it really each day, week, month and year floats by, I have less and less blinkers distorting my perception of reality.

Besides having a BodyTalk Session, what is another way in which you could harness this innate wish and desire of feeling and Being Blessed?

A Blessed or Gratitude Jar!

I’m not waiting for the New Year, I have already started mine as you can see from the image above. It holds moments and experiences written down, when I felt blessed and grateful. Sometimes I put one thing in a day, that has happened, other days its more.

Build your own Blessed jar or box, and through ought the year when you have events, experiences or moments of seeing, feeling, tasting, touching, hearing something that cultivates feelings of being blessed, write them down and put them in.

This can and will have a profound effect on your overall wellbeing, and produces all those yummy feel good hormones and chemical processes associated with JOY. This in turn will affect the way in which you view yourself and your world around you, opening up the door for wonderful things to come your way.

You can do your own personal jar, kids love to do this, because they naturally gravitate towards recognizing gratitude anyway. Businesses can set up a gratitude jar, watch what unfolds!

If I don’t speak to you before your holiday days arrive,

I wish you many feelings and moments of FEELING BLESSED ~ BEING BLESSED.

All my best

Jacquie McIntyre

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