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You and Me and Coconuts!


You and Me and Coconuts....Yes, Let’s do this!

I’m curious and excited at the potential for this little self-exploration we are about to journey on.

When I was a much younger version of myself, I had feelings that so much of our capacity as human beings, to heal and feel brilliant either had the potential to come from 'self' (our in born innate capacity to heal) or the 'earth' (trees, plants, animals, microbes, sun, moon and whole eco systems etc.) and could provide us with the answers and solutions to be able to heal rapidly and maintain a healthy state of Body mind harmony along side medicine..

It’s been a wonderful observation during my 'growing up years' to see scientists and healthcare systems looking to nature and the animal kingdom, where as a collective have discovered and learnt so much about ourselves and our ability to heal from the simplest of aliments to the most serious of apparently serious conditions.

One of those spectacular star students is.... (Drum roll).... the COCONUT!

The more research I do, the more impressed I am with the potential knock out benefits that can have an impact on the entire body mind complex.

Let’s take a look at the known benefits, and potential outcomes you and I could experience. For the purpose of our 21 day exploration, our main focus is going to be dealing with coconut oil itself.

Retired CSIRO scientist and honorary research fellow at the University of Queensland, Mike Foale has been studying the coconut palm for more than four decades and believes coconut is a superfood.

"There is both scientific and abundant anecdotal evidence of great health benefits, including increased energy, weight loss, natural antibiotic activity, cholesterol reduction and insulin stabilization," Foale says.

He also cites a list of ways coconut oil has been found to benefit human bodies. He says it:

  • Protects against heart disease by increasing good cholesterol and lowering the ratio of bad and good cholesterol.

  • Helps treat malnutrition because it is easy to digest and absorb.

  • Kills disease-causing bacteria, fungi, yeasts and viruses because of the antimicrobial effects of its fatty acids.

  • Helps diabetics by slowing sugar release into the bloodstream.

  • Prevents strokes and brain disorders such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's.

  • Boosts metabolism and increases energy because it is more likely to be burned as fuel than stored as body fat.

When using the oil in a method known to many as 'oil pulling' further reports have been observed:

  • Combats many microbes in the oral microbiome that cause domino effect issues in the mouth and whole digestive system.

  • Reduction of halitosis (bad breath)

  • Returning teeth to a natural white and glossy state

  • Many repots of repair of tooth decay have been noted

  • Cleansing effect on the sinuses.

Oil pulling is far from being a 'craze', and it’s defiantly not new. Cultures all over the world have incorporated this into their lives for thousands of years, however it has gained a lot of exposure and 'talk' because of the studies and benefits recorded. With its origins coming from Ayurvedic medicine.

Our fun exploration is going to begin on December 5th, and run for 21 days.

Together we will be using coconut oil (certified organic if you can source it), you can use other oils, however I’m impressed with the added benefits of this oil.

How are we going to do this together?

First we need to do a self-assessment of our current state of being. It’s so important, and one of the major reasons why I always do a Health and Wellbeing intake study with every client. It gives a compass point to work from.

By doing this, we know where we are and what our experience is right now. And during the course of our 30 days and then again at the end, we get to re-access and see the overall improvements that have occurred.

Find how you’re going to record this information; a journal, word doc, voice record it, video record it?

Start with, what are your current 'health issues', write them all down, no matter how 'big' or 'minor' they appear to be and how long they have been present. Where do you have pain or restriction in the body, right now, or one that keeps re-occurring? Record any daily activities that you can’t do, find difficult or are limited in.

And lastly, note the health of the oral region, color of teeth and gums. Any areas of inflammation, bleeding, tooth decay, cavities, pain areas and current placement of teeth. (Take a picture of the if you like)

When you have done that, you’re ready to begin.

  • Using approximately a tablespoon of oil, (less to being with if you like).

  • The coconut oil is going to be “worked” in the mouth by pushing, pulling, and drawing it through the teeth for a period of 15 to 20 minutes. (for some people you may start with doing this for less time, and build upwards in time)

  • Typically it is done one to three times a day on an empty stomach, Ill be doing it once a day for the 21 days.

  • The best time is in the morning before eating breakfast, but can be done before any meal.

  • The used oil is discarded (in the bin is best) and the mouth can be rinsed out with water.

  • The oil is never swallowed because it is loaded with bacteria, toxins, pus, and mucous.

Toxins are being pulled from the body the very first time. One of the first cleansing observations you may experience is an increased flow of mucous from the throat and sinuses area.

Mucous drainage is just one of the body’s methods of removing toxins. While you are pulling, mucous may build in the back of your throat. You may even have to expel the oil and clear the mucous from your throat before reaching a full 20 minutes. That’s okay, take another spoonful of oil and continue until you’ve pulled for a total of 15-20 minutes.

Ok, that’s it friends.....let’s get going!

Keep in touch if you like, let me know if you have any questions or interesting observations. Ill post during the 21 days and let you know what my experiences are as we go along.

Next week, we are goign deep!!! Deep into the world of microbes that call you home. First stop is the Oral microbiome...ready?

Until then, all my best.


Big Smile

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