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NOW your only time!

Some of you may remember that earlier this year I travelled to Victoria where I spent some valuable time in the mountains with my family.

It was the last day and we were packing the car ready for our 17hr road trip home to Queensland. A feeling and a knowing was in me that the next time I came back here someone would be missing. Someone would be leaving and this was our last time together.

I noticed a sense of urgency and desire to 'hit the road' emanating from my Dad who was travelling with me and I found myself wondering why we are so quick to say goodbye, hug, kiss and say 'I love you' without there being much presence given to that moment.’

It seems many of us are happy in our assumption that there will be a next time when the truth is that everything is fleeting. Every rise and every fall, every moment shared, every relationship, every life...this too shall pass.

That day in Victoria I said my farewells to a beautiful man and sentient being who passed away just a few weeks ago. That was our last time together and boy am I glad that I immersed myself in the moment of just being with him; being in love with his smile, his cheeky charismatic humour, his willingness to share his journey in life. It was so much fun!

Today I have said another goodbye to our amazing Kirra who joins the other love of our lives, Bounce. Bounce transitioned only 8 weeks ago and the gratitude we feel for the many gifts that these two shared with us as beloved members of our family cannot be expressed in words but simply by the feelings of love and acceptance that we find ourselves cocooned in.

You see all animals, especially our dogs teach us about living in the NOW. They love you openly, fully, completely NOW! They don’t wait to tell you later or show it to you tomorrow, if they see an opportunity they grab it.

They teach us the profound importance of following our instincts, taking our opportunities and saying yes to love and life in every moment.

Too often I encounter people who find themselves in a struggle with their regrets - I wish I'd just said it! I wish I'd said yes! Why didn’t I tell them I loved them? Why didn’t I trust my instincts? Why didn’t I just go and do it? Why didn’t I just give it a shot?

The next time you notice your mind saying, “I’ll do it next time or I’ll do that later or I’ll call her tomorrow,”question that! Take a breath, bring your awareness down into the space of your heart. Be in the moment from this space, act from this space, speak from this space, express from this space, interact with life from this space, and watch how your life and your experience with life expands.

Everyday I commit myself to integrating this wisdom that encourages me to say a big fat YES to life. Yes to love, yes to wonderful experiences, yes to opportunities and yes to not investing any more of myself in fear, hesitation, sabotage or doubt.

In this spirit of saying yes and seizing precious moments I am following my instincts and re-opening clinic. I will begin limited weekly in-clinic treatments starting November 3, 2014.

I am offering The Power of Five package (5 BodyTalk treatments) over the next 48hrs to celebrate clinic days but numbers are limited so check in with your heart and answer it NOW!!

This offer ends at the peak of heart meridian time, noon on Monday September 15, 2014.

May the beauty of what you love, be what you do!




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