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Trauma/ PTSD/ Nervous System- Series Intro
Trauma/ PTSD/ Nervous System- Series Intro

Mon, 02 May



Trauma/ PTSD/ Nervous System- Series Intro

This event is broadcasted into Jacquie's YouTube channel. It discusses the overview of this months powerful series of sessions.

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Time & Location

02 May 2022, 5:30 pm – 6:30 pm AEST


About the Event

The past two years has been for every-body, stressful and traumatising. Sometimes we don't realise the level of stress we are enduring because it's become normal for us. Sometimes the internal systems designed to alert us and let us know we need time out to repair, recover and replenish so we don't have stress and trauma storing in the body...malfunction. 

The circuits blow and the stress builds up. And in many of us, these experiences register in the bodymind as trauma- big sticky trauma. When we aren't able to reconcile the trauma or stress, it leads to many different energetic, phycological and physical issues- far too many for me to list here. 

One of the consequences of unresolved trauma is PTSD. This is serious, not to be ignored but totally repairable. Stress, trauma and PTSD loves to be repaired. Just because we've had these experiences doesn't mean we have to be trapped in a cycle of trauma and PTSD responses for the rest of our life. 

On the contrary....Our innate wisdom absolutely loves to work through ways of dealing with trauma, reconciling it and healing it. 

Why does innate love doing this, you ask? Because during this process you learn about yourself, learn about the experiences and this learning converts into wisdom, strength, courage and boundaries. You not only heal from the factors, but you grow exponentially from the healing process. And you never look like the same person fact you look, feel, sound like the real you...the you that was buried under all of those layers of stress.

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