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Healing Exhaustion and Burnout

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What if the way your feeling right now is because your body is in exhaustion or close to burnout? Understanding exhaustion and burnout can be a minefield of dodgy information and opinions. Lets cut through all the bull shall we and start to look over it this powerful series of videos and guides. Would you love some help understanding how to identify burnout and exhaustion? Would you know if you were just weeks away from burnout? Most people don't, which is why it happens and that's OK, because you can continue your journey into health right here. How would you like loads of information about; ~ How to identify if I'm close to OR in active exhaustion or burnout mode? ~ Knowing what happens in your body when burnout is rife. ~ The most impactful ways of healing and repairing, starting now and what you can do, time to take back your power. ~ Why Healthy Boundaries are crucial to healing and beyond ~ Learn how hugely valuable sleep, rest and naps are and how to incorporate this into your life without the self inflicted shame that most are conditioned to feel when embracing self care mode. This series of workshop videos is available to you on demand. Included: ~ 3 video workshop presentations with Jacquie, totalling just over 3.5 hours ~ eBook checklist: Am I in Burnout? ~ eBook: Sleep, Rest and Naps for Healing I discus the reasons, effects and many solutions to something that so many people are in- Exhaustion and Burnout.

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