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Enhanced Intuition

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In this interview workshop replay, Jacquie dives into deep discussion with one of her fellow colleagues Neil Dougan. leading you through some really essential tips and steps, that will help you to gain certainty around what it is that you sense inside yourself as well as what is happening around you. We spend time talking about the creation of safe boundaries, and how to use these healthy boundaries as a tool for what she terms “The return journey to self”. Jacquie describes issues which are right outside of her own boundaries which have impact right now, and offers her view of a series of healthy alternatives. Discussion; - These times lead us to speak out, even if we normally wouldn’t do so. - People are forced to examine their return journey to self, and to hold their own space, without being drawn into toxicity. - Knowing your own boundaries needs to be learned. It is not something natural in our culture.

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