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The Breath that Rocks your Body

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An wonderfully deep dive into the consciousness expression of your Lung and Respiratory system as it applies to you my friend. Along with several, powerful breathing techniques that really move and shift stagnation and blockages, especially within the Nervous System, Vegas Nerve, Lungs, Respiratory System , Diaphragms and Digestive System... ready to be wowed! To get the absolute maximum potential from the breathing techniques you're going to learn here, it's important you understand what's involved in the process, how they work and what will be happening within you as you do them. You'll several powerful breathing techniques that change your body's chemistry in potent ways. I will introduce you to the direct relationships that your Lungs have to other parts of your body, it's simply life changing to know there's real relationships happening within your body every second of the day. Get ready for a swim around in the field of body psychology.

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