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It's been an experience of firsts

Do you ever feel like celebrating the first time you drive on a road you've never been down before?....walked on ground you've never walked on before?

I do...I can get wildly excited, treading on new ground, driving a new road, and it's one of the reasons why if I'm travelling any length of considerable distance I'll most likely take roads I've never been on before. It can feel like a new adventure to me, like I'm pionering my own life...well I really am aren't I?

And recently there has been SO many first time things happening I thought I would celebrate them here with you. Some of them come from you...members of our community! The list is epic, so I'm breaking it up into two love letters you will get over the next few days.

When making any decision I always make that decision based on the clear messaging I get from the gut (enteric) brain and then follow that. It will either tell me...'Yes that's good' OR 'No that's not good for you'...OR 'Hmmm undecided...more information is needed to make the decision'.

Then my deal with myself is...I trust in that process. If the feeling is YES...I then agree to do it and treat it like a learning experience. I'll learn from it what I liked, what I didnt, what I would change, what I would not be ok with again and then in the future I can adjust accordingly.

I see so many clients saying yes to things without following the natural guidance that resides within their enteric brain. (It's not taught to you, so that's not your can learn gut intuition though- we do this in the My Incredible Orbit community) They do the thing they have said yes to...there may be elements that they like, and usually there are parts they did not and they get really upset about it.

It may be that it was different to what they thought it would be "It was nothing like what I thought it was going to be, it was terrible"  or  they didn't like where they stayed, or they didn't like the people involved.

Your experience can be totally changed if you approach every experience like its an opportunity to learn more about yourself, and it's an exercise in finding out what works for you in your life and what does not...what you can have less of and what you want more of. It's a simple practice with big results.

It doesn't have to be a "that was a terrible holiday, I'll never go again" instead it could be a "well there are elements that I'll change next time for sure"experience.

It will change the way you go into something, the way you experience it and serves to enrich your relationship with yourself! bonus, bonus, bonus!

Now...let's check out some of the first's of this list.

Our list of Firsts

  • First time seeing the sun set over the water...Stunning!For the first time ever.

  • I decided to have more space in my travel/ work schedule and I spent a day in Perth with a friend and her family before making my big trip to South Africa to teach classes. I usually cram flights, travelling straight there....working right away and then travelling home immediately after. This taught me a lot about what works for me and what I'll do in the future.

  • First time watching people jump out of a plane and hearing them scream as they plummet to the earth...on this beach! 

My first ocean sunset
First time on this beach- Rockingham, Western Australia

  • First time flying internationally in and out of Perth...and with South African airways- 18A is a tight squeeze ;-( Do they make childs seats?

  • First time buying Rand currency- $150AUD got me $1300ZAR, how cool!

  • First time buying a phone sim in a foreign country (That 1 gig of data went in a sneeze) 

  • First time getting ripped off at breakfast in my new country (tipped himself big time)

  • First time teaching the oh so fabulous BodyTalk Access for Animals and Humans course in Randburg- South Africa. We now have a great group of BodyTalk students who are equipped with the latest information and techniques to help them and their animal friends lead a happier, healthier, stress less life. Such a great group of people!

Yummy food and great company!
Dinner with some of the class members
  • The first time I worked with my coordinator/ event organiser Christine Conradie, a lot of hard work goes into doing that. Thank you Christine.

 Congratulations  new students 

  • I went to bird park (rare day off), that was so much more. It was at Monte Casino...An inside/ outside mini city, designed to disorientate you and make you forget the outside world exists and what time it is. The roof is painted as the sky and you often forget that your inside a building! It's a huge entertainment hub for gambling, theater, movies, restaurants, and retail shops (I found a huge crystal shop OMG). It is one of the most jaw dropping, man made things I have ever seen. I was warned that it would blow my mind...and it did! Check out the photos below

Inside monte Casino


Fun in Randburg- South Africa

BodyTalk Access for Animals and Humans

Consciousness based medicine for people and animals
Some participants from the treatment day.

Consciousness based healing for people and animals
BodyTalk Access for Animals and Humans course

Yes that is a 8 week old puppy named Shadow (top)

Class is such a relaxed and eye opening experience, everyone seemed to loved their time and came away with a renewed sense of everything is figureoutable (a great Marie Forleo saying) and they now have the power to bring about great change in their lives!

I'll be back in a few days to share the final part of my firsts list! What are you trying out in your life that is a first?

Jacquie xx

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