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Group Session- Money and Wealth

This session is for everyone!

  • 1 hour
  • Free OR Donation
  • Zoom Room

Service Description

November 24th, 2023 9AM AEST (Brisbane- Australia time zone) A group session (anyone can join) to address concepts of Money and Wealth. Almost all of us are existing it this reality where money and wealth is a part of our day to day experiences. And every one of us has issues when it comes to our relationship to the consciousness of Money. You might not think it, but if your reading this, then your innate wisdom guided you here for this reason. It shows up in our deep belief systems the subconsciousness mind holds. That may speak to being fearful of running out of money, never having enough, fear of spending it, fear of loosing it, not being able to manage it. Maybe your like me ... I was told when I was a youngster that I was "irresponsible" with money. That stuck big time! I really had to dive into that and work on it so it didn't become self prophesising... and here we are. These deep fears, attachments, behaviours and beliefs systems about Money and Wealth manifests then in our behaviours, the way we think, feel, act, react and bleeds into our personal lives, the decisions we make, what we attract to us in experiences, our relationships.. Our true relationship with Money and Wealth shows up in our lives many hundreds times a day, sometimes more depending on the kind of day your having. Yet we are designed to have a very symbiotic, relaxed and respectful relationship with the consciousness of money. This group session is designed to bring more of this about by addressing the causation. I hope you will join me in this celebration of Money and Wealth. Please use this link to fid out what time it will be for you. (Copy and paste it if necessary)

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