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Holidays are like a warm hug with an old friend.

Do you have any fond memories of seeing old old friend who you haven't seen in what feels like a gazillion years? Your heart melts at the first sight of them, your body goes warm, you have rainbow beams coming out of your head with happiness because to be with this old friend who knows you so well, loves and nurtures you and who you feel amazing around is one of the most precious things to ever have in your life.

You have memories of that right?

I do...really fond ones.

I recently had all those same feelings and experiences again, except this time it wasnt a person as such. It was an event, and it's like the event took on an identity all of its own.

Its name was HOLIDAY

Today is my first "official" day back in the office after two weeks holiday. I knew I had to take the time off because I had scheduled rather serious dental surgery and needed that time to heal and rebuild. I simply could not have the surgery and come back the next day.

It was so weird to look at my calendar and see those weeks blocked out with Holidays written on them. I have the few days off here and there, for events like Christmas and when public holidays fall on a Monday....but I've not been big on actually scheduling holidays and taking them.

I've scheduled them in the past, only to have some work deadline, event or a crammed client treatment schedule infiltrate that supposed time off, which doesn't end up being time off at all.

In the lead up to this time off with my "holiday friend", I was trying to think back to when I was employed by someone else and took actual annual leave (aka holidays) ...well over 15 years ago now, and I remembered all the things I would do during that time...not to mention all the fun I had. I remembered Holidays fondly and thought, I want that again!

The first week was tough, the surgery was brutal, painful and I had to really work through some rough days and challenging personal experiences and thoughts. Only a couple of people knew the details and supported me with distance BodyTalk treatments, thoughtful check in's to see how I was doing on the day and lot's of Love vibes! They help lot's!

Even though the first week was rough I've got to say that I loved it....both weeks I loved actually. Why? Because I was with holidays....that old friend who had wrapped it's arms around me and hugged me every day. Holidays said "Here I am Jacquie, just you and me" Ahhhhh a long breath out and I was home loving each and every moment of every day.

I kept saying to my neighbour everytime she would ask me "How are you feeling?". I would reply "I'm thoroughly enjoying myself- I love Holidays soooo much!"

Holidays was like coming home to an old friend. I loved it and it loved me. There was nothing else to do except be with one another. And be with one another we did.

Once I recovered enough, I found strength and vitality to do some of the following;

  • Made two batches of my famous Ah La Jacquie's Tomato Relish (all 22 jars of it)

  • Made Ah La Jacquie's Beetroot and Pear chutney- OH MY LORD I'M IN HEAVEN.

  • Had long lunchtime naps.

  • Designed and crafted more than 100 different clay earrings (soon to be unleashed onto my site HERE)

  • Potted veggies and herbs.

  • Finished two audio books.

  • Finished one book (hardcover) and started another one.

  • Scoured weekend farmers markets.

  • Stayed up late watching my favourite movies

  • Found a new Youtube TV series about spiritual investigation, which I loved!

  • Watch some of the TV series that came highly recommended by clients.

And today was my first day of fast/ high paced movement in many months. I was back in the gym and so surprised how easy I found it, muscle memory is amazing! I could feel my body literally saying....Ah we know how to do this...there was no resistance.

My regular times of movement are going to be like mini holidays to me from now on, and lots of lame selfies that I still, don't know how to take well.

I haven't taken a lot of holidays since being a self employed goddess, because I have to pay for me to not work, no one comes in and gives me paid holidays or time off. I usually also have a big mountain of work to do once I get back off holidays and that puts me off.

But this time it was beautiful because everyone knew I was going to be away, I had barely any emails coming in to deal with because of that. I was very clear about the initial role these holidays would serve, and once I got that done and over it, I could really sink into the bliss of hanging out with my good friend holiday.

Rest assured I will be scheduling regular holidays for myself from now on.

My next goal is to take one weeks holiday that is not for medical or dental reasons.

I need to repair this relationship with holidays and remember how to respect them, expect them, be OK with them, schedule them, stick to that schedule and then have the best time with my good ole friend 'Holiday'.

What do you do for holidays? Are your holidays more like your time to catch up on housework or paperwork etc? Have you also got a relationship with your friend 'Holidays' that is more in the bin that in your priorities basket?

Of course I also took some time to do some research about holidays...our relationship with them and their effect on us. Here is some interesting pieces.

Befriend holidays because...

  1. Numerous studies have found that taking regular holidays lessens your risk of dying from any cause other than old age and minimises the risk of heart disease.

  2. Taking regular holidays (mini or long ones) also helps reduce stress. Stress leads to a huge variety of health issues and imbalances including anxiety and depression.

  3. If you can't take a holiday right now....Get planning! This comes up so much in busy peoples sessions with me. Especially busy people who lack personal boundaries around having holidays and they never take these precious days off (yes I'm listening to myself right now). And it's backed by lots of research. It's shows us that just the act of pencilling in your holidays, giving notice, and planning it boosts your happiness levels enormously for prolonged periods of time. For that happiness to be there, means that you have significant chemistry changes happening within your body, and lots of great hormones......WIN WIN.

  4. Taking holidays actually bolsters your ability to be present, happy and engaged in your work when you return.

  5. People who regularly take time off seem to rate their life satisfaction as being high. If your not satisfied with your life, your quality of time off and your relationship with holidays could have everything to do with it.

  6. Holidays allows your immune system to 'clean house' and catch up on some of its to do list. The less time you take off, the more you're going to find that when you do take a few days off, you may well end up spending that time sick. The more time you have off the more frequently your immune system can clean house easily. These times are more like the cleaner coming in behind you, making everything sparkle again and it's an easy, delightful process. Not regularly taking time out will be more like this cleaning person coming in, whacking you flat on your back and housebound for the whole time. The immune system cleans, regulates and fights pathogens when your relaxed. Think about that.

Don't be a noodle!

The main reason a person doesn't take holidays is because there are conflicting deep belief systems that sabotage you into thinking your shouldn't take them.

Such as; I don't have time I can't afford it They won't cope without me The place will fall apart if I'm not there No one can do my job like me You can get rest when you die No rest for the weary They wont think I want my job if I take holidays I'll take holidays when I have somewhere to go

Any coming up for you? Be sure to let me know.

It's important to find out what they are, work through them and then leave them the hell behind where they belong.....and then take some holidays!

When are your next holidays?

All my best

Jacquie xx


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