A New Support Group for Students

If your a BodyTalk Access for Animals and Humans student of mine then this update and information is for you!

Our global community of students is moving to a new social connection and media platform, that is safe, uncensored, Fun...and best of all it's on my site, in the one handy place where you can also get access to many other topics, videos, courses and resources!

Join me in our global community group (it's free) by joining at



Jacquie xx

About Jacquie...

Knowledge sharer, wisdom bringer, light shiner and fierce supporter of you and your journey.

Jacquie advocates for people's potential and the return journey to Self- she shares her knowledge in all things healthcare, consciousness and body psychology whilst inspiring people to be the most exceptional version of themselves that they can possibly be.

Through private treatment sessions, seminars, workshops based in integrated consciousness healthcare and founder of the My Incredible Orbit community that gets you the powerful results you so deeply desire.

Consciousness based healthcare, where the best version of you and your journey towards a sensational life awaits you.