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I am the Ankle

Throughout your life I have supported your weight and given flexibility to your steps. If I am strong, you take strong, flexible steps in life, and are able to twist and turn at a moment's notice. My joint is filled with fluid and provides a cushion to absorb some of the impact of walking and running.

I am, however, far more important that that. The front and outside of me is controlled primarily by the liver and gall bladder meridians, which are the primary energy systems involved with planning and decision making. The liver (being yin in nature) plans my biochemical makeup and helps to plan my life. Its partner, the gall bladder (being yang in nature), then makes the final decision andf acts.

The stomach and spleen/pancreas control the inside of me. They enrgetically represent the conscious and subconscious mind, respectively. The process of thinking through and worrying about a subject occurs here.

Now, picture a situation where you have to take a 'step' in life - get married; change job; buy a house; accept a new spoting contract; decide on what school you will attend or career you will follow. Each pf these events has to be processed by the bodymind. You think and worry, then finally plan and decide. This process goes on in many aspects of your body bu the energic processing of it occurs in me as you move around me. This local movement helps to activate the whole process. The stronger, healthier, and more flexible I am, the easier the whole thinking/deciding process occurs.

If you take too long to make your decision and go through and endless cycle of worrying, deciding, and changing you mind, then you will need me to be extra strong. If I am not very strong and resilient, then I become weaker and prone to injury. You 'sprain your ankle' and when I swell, the enrgy and fluids increase in me and I loose my flexibility. This will often force you to make your decision.

If you maintain this worrying/indecisive habit pattern over a long period of time, then I will become progressivley weak. Eventually, to counteract this my master, the brain, will 'strengthen' me by making me more ridgid. You will give this rigidity the lable of 'arthritis'.

When we treat these joints with BodyTalk we are treating all aspects of the joints - physical and psychological. By doing this, The BodyTalk System is providing a truly holistic approach to this treatment of diease. The BodyTalk System takes a dynamical systems approach in regulating all aspects of the dynamic interactions of the various bodymind systems. By establishing better communication, the system is able to correctly ascertain all the ingredients necessary to regain balance and harmony in function.

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